He’s Just Not That Into You

Saturday the hang-out-day.

I went for the movie He’s Just Not That Into You in first hand, at the first weekend it’s shown.



As bimbo as I am, I do always love chick flicks. I read mostly chick’s novels (and I’m really into it) and a little bit of inspirational quotes books, a little self-help to get rid of the human nature of magnifying problems of life.

But I’ve never bought this book. But yes I read a bit of it, in a very kia-su kiam-siap way you know how?

When I have a lot of spare time in book store, I just flip thru this book and have a giggle or a laugh of it, then place it back, grab another chick novel and chaoz. Still, this is a good book, a good piece of junk like chocolates or Lay’s or cheesecakes you get what I mean?


And yes I love this movie else I wouldn’t be spending time writing about it. Why?

1. What else? It’s a sweet confection of romance and it swirls emotions of most girls I’m sure.

2. Credits to the pleasant casts.

I probably have the weirdest taste not to like Ben Affleck. I found Justin Long as Alex in the movie is quite the charming. One for him having a slight look of Asian (I don’t understand, Wikipedia says he’s an American). Secondly his tone and voice and the American accent. That type of voice if he tells you to jump off the cliff you’ll get millions as reward and you’ll just jump with no doubt.


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Sunday the roll-bed-day

tarepanda Pictures, Images and Photostarepanda Pictures, Images and Photostarepanda Pictures, Images and Photos

I watched the full series of Get A Mac Campaign Advertisements and I love it. Fyi I studied Advertising & Communication, I don’t watch commercials only when I wanted to buy something.

It consists 49 commercials in total if I’m not mistaken. Here’s a few personal favourites.

And a lot more…

Official Get A Mac Advertisement site HERE.

Get A Mac Ads @ youtube HERE.


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The song that can’t stop playing in my mind today.

Endless Story

by Yuna Ito


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