Dilemma of Life


Let’s welcome the newbie of my wardrobe:)

A butterfly sleeved chiffon top from the CHOICE, Bangsa Telawi 3. RM104 and received a membership card which entitled for 10% discount.

♥ It has made my day.

*** *** ***

Yet life isn’t perfect after all.

I . Hate . Back . In . Real . Life .


When confidence is shaken, when direction is unclear, when communication break down, when the bright hopes seem dimmed, when the doors are closing.

When the yell has returned as an echo.

Then people began to be afraid of every sun rise.


It’s not easy to piss me off, HE made it, congratulations.


ps: HE is not refer to my bf yea.


And then I better stop this before I annoy anyone who’s reading here with my nonsenses. Let’s move on yea.


My dilemma of life ----->



A compact Panasonic LUMIX for easy everyday usage?



One of the world smallest DSLR, Olympus E420 that is really poisonous to me?


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