It's Mee Yee's Birthday!!

I know I know my blog is semi-abandoned. I was busy looking for house, and then shifted it last week. Of course busy farewell-ing my dear bf before he fly off again.

And then a long weekend was fully spent on all this miscellaneous tasks, and then full stopped with Mee Yee's 25th Birthday.


While my birthday was pretty much drink and dine, Mee Yee's was much much healthier. We had dinner at FRAMES TTDI Plaza.



Kick start with the appetizer - Ceaser Salad with Chicken.



The yummy bites - Fried Calamari.



Something Salmon.



The spicy creamy pasta with seafood.


I love everything there - the ambience, the lighting, the photos framed and hung every part of the wall. Ultimately the food. And then thissssss...........................................



According to Mr. Director of Frames, they have world top 5 pastry chef in the house, and produced this killer chocolate cake.




And then moved on to Wine @ Nine which located in TTDI Plaza too.

I always love their choice of white wine.



Another sweet white wine for birthday celebration.

I'm still missing the Simonsig Franciskaner 2006 bottle, favourite white wine of 2008.



Another, formal, official birthday cake, from Mickey Mouses.



Drunken Mee Yee :p



Happie Birthday to Mee Yee!!!


By the way I think I really need a new Digital Camera.

Panasonic Lumix 

Totally random, I need a Panasonic Lumix FX48, for brighter and better quality pictures....


kevinpnp said...

Spicy and creamy? Hmm... Normally when I put spicy stuff and creamy stuff together, the spiciness dissapears.

Anonymous said...

Mei Yee: i'm so so sorry leh.. i hav totally forgotten abt ur bday..cox i nv look at the calendar at here, evyday pass in the same way, tat's y i nv concern abt the date..haha..

luckily mickey mouse did celebrate for u..
wish u forever 25th ya..& take good care of urself in melaka..

aileng miao said...

kevin:: they put the chilli powder on the surface of the sauce and ended up quite de spicy lor :)

amber:: its good nia everyday peacefully steadily the same.. i wanna be liddat toooooo...

alvin24 said...

WAH... like that also can call 'healthy' meh?

Anonymous said...

then u get a man to get married ba le.. easy~ ngahaha..

aileng miao said...

Lwin:: Healthy~~ I had salad what~~~~

Amber:: haih...... if i can really have some1 good laaaa.....

Anonymous said...

Why the lumix FX48 over the Canon IXUS 95 IS? hehhe..

Anonymous said...

like tat ar? how leh?? ng tong lei 30sui cin dou ga ng chu? ngahaha..

*purposely scare u* =P

Unknown said...

Fugz: I think supposedly I throw this ques to you lorr... But lumix pictures quality seems good lor.

Amber:: niasengggggg.... I really scare de nehhh

alvin24 said...

Ceasar Salad (btw ur spelling wrong) sauce quite fattening wan marh... =p

summore got FRIED calamari!
summore got PASTA!


Summore say "Amber:: haih...... if i can really have some1 good laaaa....."


aih... i dowan u liau... =(

Anonymous said...

yea yea, clap hand~~~ *wink*
don wan miao, don wan miao..
neh neh neh =p

(miao's language, onli for miao)

aileng miao said...


u all not human laaa...


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