Bimbo Post Again

After my confession as a dressy-maniac over and over again, now have became checkered-maniac....



Checkered dress No.1 from J Style Cineleisure (Opposite to Sanctuary), RM50+-.



Left - Checkered dress No.2 from J Style too, RM79 with 10% discount.

RIght - Floral Chiffon Dressy from Cream Cineleisure (next to MIDORI), RM34+- damn cheap right??


Not quite sure why am I suddenly can't take my eyes from checkered. Probably I've been missing my heart brokenly lost LV Speedy and Burberries Burberry in the incident?


Ever since he left, I've spent TWO of my very precious weekends shifting and cleaning my new room in Bandar Utama - guess what, now I can WALK to One Utama can imagine how great it feels hurh hurh hurh??



Ever since he left I've remained alcohol-less for two good weekends.


Most ridiculously, I've shifted everything on my own.

"Aren't you just renting a room? How many things do you have in there that takes two weeks for the shifting?"

Too many cared people has asked about this question, in various forms and tones. And I seriously do not know how in the world my tiny little room in USJ can fits hide so the terribly a lot of stuff. And I seriously lost count on how many BOXES of stuff I've shifted.

That caused my muscle pain for two weeks . 14 days . Or more. Yet there are boxes which I have not unpack, now still jumbling at one corner that I've pretending not seeing it. Ignorance sometimes is reeeeeeally a blissss lalalala~


I hate this part right here... (another pic taken by my LG Ice Cream)


*** *** *** ***


What happened for this week?



I've attended the Malaysia Dream Girls (MDG) Season 2 official opening @ Mist Club Bangsar.



I've been to Kent Party @ Mojo Heritage Row.


All these happenings have pumped in an idea for me - Gosh I really really need a CAMERA! A camera which like what I've mentioned here, a camera which is user friendly, a camera which do not required me to pay whatever...

I'm currently using my sister's Ricoh GR Digital which described as a 'professional grade high resolution compact' and produced awesome pictures like this. For me it's just ended up like a pro meets a raw.



Was at home trying out different different types of settings.

Someone please tell me what'e wrong with my settings why is it looks so WRONG?



Finally found ONE and only setting that came out with some normal tone, and then screwed up the setting again.

*Pay respect to photographers. You guys are cooool mannnnn*


Anonymous said...

i'm so de hate u...yet i love u so much de loh..

alvin24 said...

Alcohol-less weekend, but DRUNK ON WEEKDAYS! WTHHHHH...... damn nonsense lah you!

Anonymous said...

huhuhu..see you around..and yes..get a camera fast!

aileng miao said...

amber: huhuhuuuu~ love is in the air

Lwin: yoh i din get drunk la wehhhh

Yatz: yea yea i'll work super hard to get enuf money for my camera!

Anonymous said...

y u nv ask how can i hate u yet love u so much at the same time geh??

alvin24 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alvin24 said...

Dun need ask wan maaaaaaa... coz' your name already says it all lorrr...!!

Amber mah, its like you can't decide whether u wanna be yellow, orange or red. Therefore you are a mix of all, therefore you are Amber! hahahaha...


Anonymous said...

erm, harr? a mix of all..tapi bukan evything thing ma...i'm unique's Amber *bling~*

alvin24 said...


aileng miao said...

LOL whats wrong wit both of uuu??? -.-""""

alvin24 said...

Wat wat wat?
Where got anything wrong?
2 perfectly okay people talking to each other nia... =)

§pinzer said...

Lose to my Lumix LX2 ;)

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