HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition

When everybody celebrating St. Patrick SHAMROCKING @ One Utama Rainforest, I had my dinner at same in One Utama, but New York Deli nearby Cold Storage.

The girls were late due to the massive pre-weekend jam.

Thank god I have my gadgets of life with me.


Thanks to Gerald for your Dylan.


My lappie is a little too heavy too cumbersome for me in 2kg+ for mobility. I always want a mini netbook.


And I was poisoned kao kao ever since I have seen this......

The HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition.


Drop dead gorgeous. Ultra chic master piece of art and omg I can't stop worshipping it.....


image image

The "Digital Clutch" - Without the little HP logo at the corner, I wouldn't able to tell that this is a lappie but not a clutch. A clutch which doesn't fit my wallet and mobile phone and cosmetics, but emails, information from all around the world and picturesssss.


Who said computer has to be a guys' thing? Hewlett Packard has made computer personal again :)


Check out the HP + Vivienne Tam Collaboration video and get poisoned together with mee~

Then click HERE to the official site of HP Mini VT Edition and share some fashion stories of Vivienne Tam.


Oh I was suppose to blog about my dinner @ New York Deli aint it? Stay tune ;)


Anonymous said...

argh.. cant help myself falling in love with it..
tat's the love at 1st sight..
it's soooo extraordinary gorgeous...

how much how much??how much it's selling in msia?

aileng miao said...

Yeaps yeaps its now in Msia :) selling about RM2999 but i accidently bumped into this site and seems to be very good deal http://notebookshop.com.my/hp-1000vt.html?SID=2a37e7514f69fa6341f5b7283fc78500

nice hor nice horrr??? *v*

Anonymous said...

lu mau buy??? but u just got ur Dell not long ago wor..

aileng miao said...

anooooooooooooooooooo unless my BELOVED fiance wans to buy for meee? *winkwink*

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