New York Deli @ One Utama New Wing

Back from the HP Vivienne Tam topic, I can finally talk about my dinner at New York Deli.



A style of New York. Errrr honestly I found this rather English :p


R0014345 R0014346

HMmmmmm and this feels really New Yorker. The Little Black Book A La Carte.



Now I know why little black book is black. Not only the colour of the cover, but also the sin within. Chocolate Velvet with whipped cream somemore! *faint*



Not sure it's Longan Lychee or Ribena Lychee. And the soup which I never find out what's it.

And the three A&W Float which I remember taking picture of it but couldn't find back.



World Class Caesar Salad with Roast Chicken - not bad and not good but it makes me start missing Salad @ FRAMES TTDI.



This is gooood - Chicken and Prawn Combo. Super filling with potato wedges and chicken thigh and lotsa prawn fritters and salad. Perfect for a twin sharing.



The Marinara Seafood Pizza - not my type, the pizza base is too hard and too thick for mee.



The Seafood Pasta with some chilies that I cannot recall the name too.



The Chocolate Fondue, taken by my LG Ice Cream phone. It makes us all miss the good old cheese fondue those days  in Hartamas. And we love this fondue so much too!


♥ Camwhore TIme ♥


. VyRoxy the sweetheart . Shiny Emily the walking doll . aileng miaoz .

And Penny the went missing fella.


CIMG2649 CIMG2650

Special thanks to the two very patient fiance and hubby. Good catch of the two girls ^^v



Camwhore freaks.



Blogger in action.


CIMG2667 CIMG2669 CIMG2668

Fondue moment.


CIMG2674 CIMG2676

Farewell moment. All the best to Emily for her new kick start next week.



Anonymous said...

"Good catch of the two girls"
then wat abt urs?

aileng miao said...

hmmmm.... ofcuz I'll fully support my own choice la :)

emily @ shinyshampoo said...


i miss the good times..

alvin24 said...

why everybody taller den u wannnnz.... -_-"

aileng miao said...

niaseng u Lwin da Cwid!

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