LG Ice Cream KF350 Part I

Two weeks after my INCIDENT. Finally I am having my own mobile phone again.


It's the very newly launch, another fashion phone of LG after Chocolate, Cookie, Prada etc - now comes this yummy Ice Cream. with Baskin Rabin's flavours Strawberry (Pink), Pistachio (Baby Blue) and Vanilla (White). 

Of course I took strawberry.



LG KF350, a basic cutie sweet phone for basic usage, with whatever functions that allowed you for phone calls, messaging, browse internet in 2.5G speed, and yes, girlies' concern - 3MP camera, not really very very nice image quality, sadly no build in flash.

More information about this phone - CLICK HERE.



I wouldn't say it's a cool phone, in stead it's a you-hate-it-or-love-it phone, everything is just about cute cute cute and cute, nothing much about features. But as everything back to basic after been using all the Nokia smart phones for so long, I found it quite nice to use for the very reasonable price of RM700+.


Will post some photos for the camera review, be patient ;)


*** *** ***


I am starting my new page of life tomorrow. Quite the exciting and worried all together.



Mummy's bought this alarm clock for my commencement of new life. It feels very old school as though I am back in primary school time - super loud and high pitch alarm that made me jump out from bed and a cup of Milo before leaving house.



Check this out!!


Guess what I bought??





As I mentioned before, I want a pair of specs!!



The optical shop which I've been going since young. The Metro Eyecare, located right in front of Jusco Metro Prima.


emily @ shinyshampoo said...

eh eh~

how's the phone?? nice ma? i wanna get that for my m'sia line too~
how much you got it btw??

aileng miao said...

Hmm... the selling price shouldnt be more than RM760 will be reasonable :)

If u dont ask for alot alot extra functions, quite okiee gah. de cam is good if thers sufficient lightness too. But the ringtone abit soft for outdoor laa... Overall nothing else that i can pick on oledi.

emily @ shinyshampoo said...

RM760 cheap.. compared to the price i asked in Sg Wang in January..

can consider to get one.. but i just saw a phone yesterday.. slim Sony Ericsson T700 got baby pink color leh.. its around RM880. so now dunno wanna buy which one.

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