Rebellz Launch Party


After I'm not sure how long we have been kacao-ing each other bloggie, probably half a year or maybe more. After gepoh-ing everything of each others' without involving in each others' life. Finally we made it for the very girlie gathering. Woooooot wooooot~~

Left First : Yvonne Chan, my onced very close high school mate who grown up no more a sheep but a chick.

Left second : That's me miao la! Who else you think?? :p

Left Third : VyRoxy aka Veron Yap, mega girlie pinky kitty girl who always been showered by love - the love of family, love of soul mate. Diabetes warning for reading her full-of-love blog.

Last Left : Penny Ong the Shopping Queen, a girl who shop and manicure and emo, and who has a kitty sticker on her car (Did I remember correctly?) Thanks for arranging my reunion with Yvonne ^^*


Poster Rebellz 

This is the event we had borrowed for our gathering - The Launch of Rebellz @ Goddezz. Click HERE for details.

The white dress (A dress? I guess so) wore in the event poster caught my sight. It's omg my liking lor. Therefore I attended the event, which is the first ever blogger event I attend, because I AM NOT A BLOGGER, but just a nothing-better-to-do-person who decided to make her dear diary public.

And therefore I found a new spot to spend. :sigh:



The Venue - Goddezz, Mont Kiara Solaris.



The free flow cocktail - Cranberry, Vodka, Lime.



The club/fashion show/stage - I hoped that I have a big time DSLR so I can squeeeeeeze into the crowd right at the both sides of stage without being stare cxck by those very professional looking photographers.

Never mind, I can just stay a bit further and just enjoy the fashion show.



The night scene outside of Goddezz. Romantically beautiful.



Bumped into Evonne the mamasan :)



Yala Yala I can see your eyes laa :p

Josh Lim is just too kind too friendly. Can't believe that he is the founder of Advertlets LOL.


R0014052 R0014053

My butterfly.


Picture Gallery~~~~



R0014026 R0014027

R0014033 R0014034

R0014036 R0014039 




Thanks Stephanie Kennedy from Advertlest for the guest list :)


kevinpnp said...

Party party party.... Are they all your friends that you mean through blogs???

Unknown said...

Yeapzz... Didnt expect that blogging can bring friends though :p

Love a Lot said...

AiLeng, Yvonne Tan lerrrrrrrrrrrrrr bukan CHAN, she'll kill u if she see this!

Anonymous said...

oh you were at goddezz? haha..i was suppose to go too..but i heard overall the event was quite bad =P

and yeah Josh Lim..because it's his event so i didn't make my appearance =P

aileng miao said...

Penny :: LOL lets just dont change and leave it there see if she'll take any action. muahahahhahaaha~

Yatz :: i cannot judge whether the event was awesome or sucky. in the end i always blif is the people who makes the different to the event :) btw what happened to u n josh???? *gepoh*

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