Valentine's 2009

Well, I still remember how I spent my Valentine day last year.


Time flies and another year of Valentine had passed.

My Valentine dinner was awesome. We had our dinner at Hajime Japanese Restaurant @ Jalan Tun Razak, KL - the very expensive Japanese Restaurant with a cutie monotone Puffer Fish on it's light box that you won't miss from far even before you reach the restaurant.

This was not exactly a romantic candle light Vday dinner, Hajime was full of lovey dovey crowd, I even bumped into two pairs of couple friends there wtf. It was quite the mood killing for the over pack and noisy ambience.


This is a couple-find-an-excuse-to-eat-good-food-day.


By the way, my camera was robbed. No picture for dinner. Google yourself ookiee? For those who interested, here the details:-


Address / Direction
No. 64,
Jalan Damai Off Jalan Tun Razak,
55000 Kuala Lumpur

03 2143 0073

Business Hour
11.30am to 2.30pm and 6.15pm to 10.30pm daily

*Anyone who plan to go there for special occasions, please do remember to call up first to avoid disappointment, it's reaaally a hot fine dining spot I tell you*


miao's Pick from A La Carte

1. Chawanmushi - What else should I compliment about Chawanmushi than smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth?

2. California Cheese Unagi Maki - Do you like California Maki and Cheeese and Unagi? Trust me, must try! My fave of the night.

3. Sashimi - I don't normally take raw food but this things are different here. This is probably the freshest sashimi in town lor. I didn't get to try Puffer Fish this time, but it is strongly recommended by Lwin :)

The rest of the item, ermmm you can probably just close your eyes and simply randomly drop your finger on one item to order, and I'm sure you won't regret of your choice.


*** *** ***


Sunday we went for Fish Spa - not so Valentine-ish activity whatever.



Genko Fish Spa @ Pavillion. Quite nice ambience, not too bad.


We took 20min shoulder massage and 30min fish spa for RM7x. I would say my full body massage at any massage center out side would worth a lot more than that. Just for the sake of experience. No harm trying though.

Oh but the shoulder massage is damnnn onzz lor.



Omg I seriously can't explain how ticklish was it when I dipped my feet into the pond okieee. I spent few minutes hesitating to dip my feet in or not to, another few minutes to shout and laugh and punching my poorly dearly bf.

I felt super irritated when these blardy fishes surrounding my feet and poking it and biting it (though I can't feel the bite) and swallowing my skin.

And then I noticed...



Damn! This is terrible!! He has probably two more times of fish than mine! Ewwww...



Tahan all the way for good 30minutes... T_______T



Big fish spa (omgwtf) . Fish Manicure .


And I tell you, I don't know what species these fish are, but I'm sure they are vampire fish!



Baby's feet had a healing wound and they bite off the healing surface and it starts bleeding.


So he dipped the feet into the pond again...

And that's what happened...



fishspa7 fishspa16 

They came, they surrounded the source of the blood. Then start sucking it like hungry ghost.


What else could it be than vampire fish you tell me?



So I understood that why there's this box of plaster nicely hang inside the shop.


kevinpnp said...

What the fish actually do is eating away dead skins. So, if his feet is hurt, they eat away dead skins so leaving the good ones behind. If the dead skin is not eaten away, it'll take longer time to heal.

I've heard that one of the treatment for eating away dead skins is to use maggots (fly's baby, big fat white worms).

aileng miao said...

ewww.... that one even more disgusting...... cant believe that...

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