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So now let's talk about my birthday again~~






Oooookiiieeee chill chill, I know you guys have had enough of "miao's Birthday Celebration" posts. And I'm gonna stop talking about it again, until next year :p


This post, I wanna talk about juuuuuuuussst myself. It's MY post~ Vain pixx warning!


My high school, Chong Hwa Independent High School, which located at Jalan Ipoh. For some reasons, it's very very very strict about students' hair.

Seriously, until today, I cracked my head but still cannot figure out how would long hair affect a student's academic performance or discipline? Maybe the school principle used to be broken heart by a girl with shiny smooth long hair.

All girls in my school were all forced to remain our hair length max 5cm below our ear tips for the good five or six years struggling for having an absolute stupiak look. Therefore, most of us been keeping long hair, or even extra long hair after leaving school, in order to make up the few wasted youthful years.


But for me, I wasn't really dare to change my hair style much for another few years after leaving school.


05 DoubleA Rdshw

2005 - My first year of keeping long hair. Finally I manage to keep up to below shoulder length.


06 miao puie BD

2006 - I was officially a girl with long hair. And I decided to make it curl. Opppsiee I accidentally posted a birthday pic of mine :p


07 Taiwan Strawberry Farm

2007 - I went another level upper than just to curl it. I dyed my hair a bright copper brown.


07 Leong Breeze

Same year, curly hair wasn't a great choice for a lazybum like me. I've got too frustrated with the daily necessary styling, rebonding gave a me room to be free from all fuss.



2008 - My hair was never been shorter than this length since then. Only longer. Sometimes my extra long hair would be my source of pride, too.


Now comes the year of 2009.



I'm still having the same old long and never re-dye half coloured hair.

I've sick of the unnatural over-straight effect of rebonding. Ended up I'm letting my hair naturally burden on my shoulder for years.

Natural straight long hair could have lotsa funz.



Sometimes half tie it for girlie n' shy.



Sometimes all up - a pony tail for sassy and casual, a bun for maintained or elegance.


Then I have lived with my long hair for four years plus.

And I've got soooooooooooo bored with it. And I've been thinking and wanting to chop off my long hair. Probably I can save up some nutrition for my brain in stead of my hair, hurh?

I've been thinking, considering for months since last year. I'm too chicken to initiate the change. Despite most negative feedback for aileng miaoz having short hair, that I'll look even more immature, more chubby, more boyish, bla bla bla bla bla. Of course I do reluctant to it too.



My experiment of looking like a short hair miaoz.



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