Birthday Birthday Never End

My Marathon Birthday Celebration from Wednesday all the way to Sunday is finally over. I was truly delighted with all the efforts of my besties for making it happened thru all the drama dramas.

In fact, birthday for me is rather a day to gather than anything extravaganza. It's not necessary to crack your head and stumble yourself for the preparations, I just want everybody to have fun :)


Saturday, my chatty birthday dinner with my Mickey Mouses group at Italian Restaurant, Neroteca @ Ceylon Hill, located inside Somerset Residences, which nearby Changkat Bukit Bintang and behind the Istana Hotel.



The longish cosy Neroteca which crowded with expatriates. It's a very very small restaurant, if you planned to have a dinner here, I believe that reservation is a must.



Most tables are neatly fit four persons otherwise are huge for 8-10 pax. As we are five of us, sadly we have to settle with this table of four though we have had our reservation in advance. And our table was sadly placed right in front of the kitchen which quite a mood killer. Fortunately he very good hospitality has made up the imperfection.



Our starter - Chicken Ham & Cheese Roll. My favourite of the day.



The pastas - Aglio Olio (upper) & Carbonara (lower). Not much of my liking as I would always prefer saucy pastas. Oh gentle reminder, the Aglio Olio is slightly too spicy for a usual Aglio Olio style pasta.



The weekly special Lamb Shank that burnt a hole in our pocket. Recommendation from the server and we didn't check out the price prior the order. It costs RM170! But this savoury dish does worth for it's price with it's huge portion that enough for twin or triple sharing. And of course the tenderness and juiciness of the meat.



Except for the Lamb Shank, the bill ended up came up in a little surprise of the small price for an Italian fine dining. A sum of RM30x is really decent for a meal of five to me :)

For those who interested, here you go.

Neroteca (non-halal)
Ground floor, Somerset,
8 Lorong Ceylon, 50250 KL
Tel: 03-2070 0530


♥ Friday night was for my ji muis, a celebration @ Velvet and Phuture.



Early birds.



The couple all the way from Brisbane. Thanks Leonard for layaning  ;)



Hers and mine.


DSC01417 DSC01422

And much more, not in my camera =.=|||


♥ Saturday night after dinner, not exactly my birthday celebration, but I was at Velvet again. Mambo Jambo yea~







Evil vs. Angel


DSC01467 DSC01469 DSC01470

Lovey Dovey ♥


For full Birthday celebration photo album, click here.


♥ Sunday night was karaoke session with my childhood friends. Now I have had enough of celebrations. I heart my friends ♥


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