Yea I'm back to blog finally. After a very very busy week.

I've broken heart by an incident middle of last week and I was practically clouded by super ultra sadness.

That evening about 8pm, I was waiting for my bf outside of his bungalow converted office located behind Eastin Hotel PJ.

I waited him for quite some time. Doing nothing inside the car sitting at the driver side. I started tidy up the car interior, putting everything scattered (my wallet, my handphone, my makeup pouch) into my handbag. Zipped it nicely and put it at the passenger seat that I'm going to crawl over in a short while.

Then I was still waiting

So, I turned on the room light and start reading and eventually fall into the storyline for not sure how long was it. Out of sudden,  I heard sound like something was smashed into pieces, as though there's accident happened just next to me. So I lifted my head and yes, there's an accident happened just right next to me.

This Malay guy in helmet was holding another helmet, stared into my stunned eyes over the broken window of the passenger side (oh I always having phobia towards guys who unconventionally holding an extra helmet after my high school incident that this Malay guy masturbating under his helmet sat beside me in a bus) .

For a second I wasn't too sure whether I'm in a fighting scene of my book, or things really happened. Until the pain of the tiny fine powder-ish pieces of mirror stung all over my arms and my lap, until he grabbed my bag and ran towards behind my car. Until I awared that they are planned as the other partner jackass was already waited right behind my car.

I was suppose to horn as long and loud as possible, I was suppose to reverse my car to bang on the stupid motorbike, I probably should have chase for the motorbike, or at least I should have try my best to memorize the licence plate number.

But I did none of these. In stead I was sitting inside the car soullessly, waited for them to be lost in my sight, until I was very sure that teht wouldn't suddenly pop up again. Then I went out from my car and ran into bf's office.

He welcomed my surprise appearance as warm and sweet as usual, then I told him that his car windows broken and my bag was grabbed away, expressionless.

So I lost my LV Speedy 25, I lost my Burberry wallet which I faved it all time. I lost my newly bought Nokia E66 and my newly bought Sony Cybershot Camera. I lost my just replenished full set of cosmetics. My total losses was more than RM7000.

I spent two days living under the ghost of whatever possibilities could have happen that day and taking blames from some people and of course lotsa cares from most of my friends.

Ya I know most people would have already heard a lot of similar stories in different locations, but I'm hereby sharing another update of the statistic. Hoping that people would be more aware and to the morons who are under perfect condition to earn for your own in stead of stealing people's hard earned money, you guys bastards.


Veron Yap A.k.a VyRoxy said...

Ohh dear... After reading the whole story... There's a pinch in the pocket when you mentioned about your losses... That is A LOT!!! and, please don't blame yourself about not being able to do anything but live in shock and watch them leaving out of your sight...cuz I did the same thing when my hp was grabbed... exactly... I watch him running out of my sight...then only I am able to calm down and tell everyone that...He grabbed my hp. Everything was so sudden and we're still living in shock...this is why they love to do this on women... I am so sorry to hear that bad news from you dear...

kevinpnp said...

Glad that you're alright. If I were you, I probably will be stunned. Your stuff can be replaced, but if you were hurt, then it'll be irreplacable.

Unknown said...

THnx thnx... I've lived under the phobia of staying inside car alone at night imagining what would have happen furthermore than that night.

But Im now all well. Thnx so muchiie for the concern :)


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