Jalan Jalan Cari Makan

23rd February 2009, Monday. My life has begun. Thanks for all the greetings and wishes and concerns, my first day was good, everything went just smooth. I am grateful for what I am having.

Today, I met five awesome women who portrayed different personality (oh it feels like Sex And The City).

A high powered career woman who thrives on pressure and takes it as pride;

A beautiful Malay lady with big brain and kind heart that I felt warmed by just sitting next to her;

A down to earth General Manager who able to listen;

Two chefs who're simply passionate.


Cheers for International's Women Day :)


*** *** ***


Sunday I had officially farewell for my freedom. We had a road trip to Melaka for nothing else but foodz!


♥ Kick Start of Chicken Rice Ball ♥


Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball Shop - so famous you wouldn't be able to miss it out.

It's located at the beginning of Jonker Street, a river parted it from A'Famosa Red Building.




Slightly further than Chung Wah Restaurant, there's this Tart Tart Bakery (next to Cheng Ho Museum) selling various flavours of Tarts.



I've tried the signature Portugese Egg Tart and Cheese Tart. Trust me you'll ask for more.



Further up Tart Tart Bakery there's this Very Manja Mango Juice wth.


♥ A walk in Jonker Street ♥



The very very nostalgic toy shop in Jonker Street that sells all the old-fashion toys that filled our childhood memories.



Oddly, we bought air guns (a hand gun and a sniper) from this old school toy shop.



Small boy selling Gula Ketuk 敲敲糖



Old man selling wooden swords and errrr... whatever.



Bo's Esther is On Sale! Best Buy! :p


♥ Museum Cafe aka Dessert 88 ♥

Another popular restaurant in Jonker Street which crowded by customers.



As though I've walked in to a traditional Nyonya mansion.



Fluffy blended ice with authentic Gula Melaka (Melaka Brown Sugar).

Baba Chendol (RM1.70) is the most simplified version of Chendol - simply a thrilling cool into your spine.

Eight Precious Chendol (RM3) - a little bigger portion with peanuts, nutmeg, corns and more.

Durian Chendon (RM1.70) - They loved it. I tak boleh tahan it.



Met up with Cindy :)



My buddies.





♥ Satay Celup ♥  

We went to the very famous Capitol Satay Celup but the qeue was expanded to the next door, and we were to starve for the long wait.

Then we settled with the Satay Celup Shop next door which none of us manage to recall the shop name. :pity pity:


R0014219R0014223 R0014229R0014227

Eat eat EAT eat...



Check out Gerald's super old school SLR!! Oh it suits historical city Melaka the best.



How many years that I've never seen non digital camera using film.


♥ Tai Sam Yuen Restaurant 大三元 ♥

A Chinese Hawker Stall flooded by locals, not exactly a tourists' place but absolutely a heaven for crab cravers.

Restaurant Name : 大三元 (Canton - Tai Sam Yuen . Mandarin - Da San Yuen)

Location : slightly further up Capitol Satay Celup. Follow the right lane. About 5 minutes drive.


I've tried Google but didn't get to find out the address. But trust me, this stall is awesome with their crabs, it's like finger licking good until you can't stop sucking it (quoted Lwin da Cwid). Trust me, if you visited Capitol, just take some effort to find out where this stall located from the locals. You won't get regret for the little extra effort.



A scene of Hawker Stall - check out the chef tossing the crabs, salute man...


R0014254R0014245   R0014246

Up Left - Salted Egg Crab.  Up Right - Kam Heong Asam Crab.  Bottom - Sweet and Sour Crab



Omg you gotto check out the size of the crab egg/intestine/whatever in the crab shell, it's huge, it's thick! I know I know about the image quality......





alvin24 said...

Our 'kam heong' crab got replaced with sweet and sour la...

the 'kam heong' u were referring to is actually asam pedas crabs lah. So fast forget meh you?

aileng miao said...

opssssssssssssssssssssss yahorr... :p

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