Fly Koh Samui


My first time sitting in a Fire Flyz plane. And yea this is the plane that I sat in. A smaller size plane which looks pretty insecure, and yea it's damn old school aint it? A lot of people asked me whether it works properly after seeing my pictures. But anyway, I'm home now, safe and alive.

Something good of flying with Flyer Flyz, I was boarding at Terminal 3 Old Subang Airport which about 20minutes away from my house. Too bad I didn't get to take pictures of the under-construction-terminal. Everything there is so the manual, even the sign boards are handwritten with marker pens LOL.

But I somehow like it rather than Airasia terminal, as it's not so crowded and busy till the extent people can't even get a seat in McDong Dong (i'm sure a lot people experienced that, waiting table in McDong Dong LCCT, how sad). Ya I know it's only for this moment while Flyer Flyz is not as many flights as Airasia :)



The very brand-conscious seat belt.



After two hours flight, we landed at the very tropical holiday-ish airport of Koh Samui.



The very heavy flow buggy service to fetch us to the arrival hall. Better than walking, hurh?



Airport regulations of Koh Samui - you may check in your guns and bullets and weapons, as long as not carrying it onto the cabin.


For anyone who interested, I spent about RM700 for the return flight. Blardy expensive lor but we have no choice as there are not many airlines landing on Koh Samui Airport - The Flyer Flyz, Bangkok Airways, Berjaya Airway.. And ermm I'm sure if there's anymore :p


alvin24 said...

U left out Thai Airways. =)

kevinpnp said...

Hmm... RM700?? I'm flying to Paris next weekend and it's 200 pounds for a 1 1/2 hour flight journey. Do you think it's expensive? Don't know whether it's worth it or not. Meeting someone there.

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