Magnificent Victories

I am back from Hatyai. Promised myself I would never ever travel to Hatyai by land transport again.

The custom sucks.

Traffic jam took us hours to reach the custom check point. Then, we have to be out of the car, line up in ultra long queue for another few hours (yes I lined TWO solid hours) for custom check, with no air-cond, no seats, OUTDOOR.

Something like this. Unbelievable, I was in the line, under the hot sun, and you know how killing the weather was during Chinese New Year.



Anyway, meet my victories.


Unbelievable, shopaholic like me only manage to get FOUR bangles!



Junk food in Thailand is just as good/cheap as ever ^^*







What happened in CNY


Gong Xi Fa Chai.


I am leaving in hours for a three days two nights family trip to Hatyai, Thailand. See you when I’m back. Have a great holiday :)


School’s Rock

#continue from my 26th Birthday Celebration post.


When we all aged, we have been missing our good old school time a lot.

On my 26th birthday, my jimuis (or to be very exact, wantik and Sharon who initiated the idea) decided to have this School Uniform Party. Yes the dresscode ain’t too crazy, the craziest thing ever is that we really dare dare made it in Velvet Underground wtf.

And the theme of the night was “Let’s make Velvet the biggest classroom ever!”. Double wtf.

*Extra long post warning*

The School’s Rock sign of the night – spot the pink balloons for our table.


When the night still young.



Door gifts for early birds – can you still recognize these old school snacks?


♥ Groupiee ♥

Grp 14 Grp 15Grp 19

Oversea school uniform costumes are so sweet by wearing it act cute is a must-do.

Grp 16

This group looks like the senior class aren’t they?

Grp 113

Lwin’s Yakuza Japanese gangster uniform damn onz lor.

School of Rebellism.



Jessie the party babe.

Grp 17

The matchmade from heaven of the year in school.


Meet Rachel @ My Life My Soul.

Wantik and Sharon, who came out with the idea “let’s do school uniform party!!”.


♥ I will always wear complete uniforms to school ♥

Grp 18

Alfred and Esther who look utterly enjoyed being punished I don’t understand why.

So as for Han Ren I think he loves being in sandwich board.

Grp 22    


♥ The miao-ish cake ♥

My birthday cake of this year, was like the best-est, cutest, heartiest ever cake in my life. And also miao-est.

Cupcakes which consist everything that I wanted.


To further explain it from left to right, clock wise:

The furthers left isn’t a tiger, it’s a miao . cat . neko. I was nicknamed miao by my mum since young, and I love miao a lot more than I love any other animals.

Go higher a bit, the next cupcake with a white cross above the blue dome. That’s the significant church in Santorini, the land where I fancied most on earth.

Now go slightly right, it’s a crown written “princess”.

The very last one at right, it’s a Chanel Vintage Quilted Flap.



It was such an adorable thoughtful cake. I can’t help aww-ed so much when they brought to me and eyes welled a bit.


The cake is too pretty it deserves to have another picture here in different angle.

If you think the miao figure looks familiar, yes it was taken from the avatar of this blogger also name as miao. Finger crossed I wouldn’t get sued for using his character. Or if you know him in person, please let him know that someone actually custom made birthday cake out of his uber cutie avatar :)


♥ Party Bear ♥

Bear 8 

To my surprise he dropped by to pass me my “birthday present”.

Bear 7

Bear 6 


♥ Velvet High School ♥


Love + peace @ School.


School’s roar.


School boys gone crazy.


Grp 21         

Grp 20



Okie~ Finally finished. Bai bai~ ;)

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