First of all, happy Chinese New Year, happy Valentines Day ♥


A post dated entry about my birthday – one of the most memorable birthday I ever had.

Celebration kick started since the very first day of my birthday week.



My very first time having three birthday girls sharing the same moment.


Royal Oak

5th February, my exact birth date.

Was at Royal Oak simply because I was craving for Kilkenny so much. Turned out to be a birthday celebration. Heart this picture of us sharing the birthday drink, so lovey dovey ♥

Royal Oak 2

Not too sure to thank Garick for the treat or to blame my hang over next day on him.


6th February, the official birthday celebration.

They booked Maya Hotel, Jalan Ampang. Local getaway – my favourite type of celebration.

Guess this room shall make a perfect couple getaway. Check out the bathroom with full view towards the room from the bathtub – perfect couple intimacy ♥


The coffee making area impressed me a lot. You might think it’s just a part of the TV rack if you never attempt to open it up.


The birthday deco, the birthday princess crown, the Berry Cool Birthday Balloon, the very very nicey hotel room, and the very berry sweet jimuis ♥


The hydrotherapy heated pool of Hotel Maya.


The Jacuzzi is so so so so so so so so so so so onz ♥


Pool 5 Pool 4  


On that day itself, we spent hours in the hotel room to handmake the punishment board.

The punishment board, basically what looks like a sandwich board, to punish those who were not dress up accordingly for the birthday party. Continue reading this up, and you’ll know how and why :)

Poor Amber, she helped a lot making the board, knowing that she was going to serve the punishment.


And after spending hours to do up the boards, my poor birthday dinner was done in the room. Mc Donald’s delivery service is so hearty, without them sending food to our doorstep we wouldn’t be able to make it as the first walk-in guest in Velvet without starving, and we wouldn’t be able to get a seat that night.


10pm sharp, we manage to get ready, all set and go. Again, thanks to Mc Donald’s, thanks to fast food, thanks to delivery services.

The rebellious students.

Nihon school girl wantik, Nihon sailor-style school girl wonwon, Scottish High School miaoz.


Next up – what happened in Velvet Underground.


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