Magnificent Victories

I am back from Hatyai. Promised myself I would never ever travel to Hatyai by land transport again.

The custom sucks.

Traffic jam took us hours to reach the custom check point. Then, we have to be out of the car, line up in ultra long queue for another few hours (yes I lined TWO solid hours) for custom check, with no air-cond, no seats, OUTDOOR.

Something like this. Unbelievable, I was in the line, under the hot sun, and you know how killing the weather was during Chinese New Year.



Anyway, meet my victories.


Unbelievable, shopaholic like me only manage to get FOUR bangles!



Junk food in Thailand is just as good/cheap as ever ^^*







yeeWen said...

tot u will post our fated to meet photos?

aileng miao said...

haha notyet notyet. Hving too many picx through the entire trip :p

yeeWen said...

when i saw the bangle there i also guess surely they will become ur victory..

aileng miao said...

they might not be, as im having quite a lot of bangles already. but since i have nothing to buy, must buy lorr... >.<

Anonymous said...


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