Blog Revive

It’s been more than a while I have never update my blog. So sorry for those who read…

In the past one month, I have been busy keeping myself occupied, in order to get over a wrecked relationship (in case you didn’t get it from the series of emo posts I had). And in these two weeks time, I have been busy settling myself in a drastic change. Overall, I’m fine, thanks for those who cared :)


So, Chinese New Year is over.

cny food 

I had a lot a lot of mummy’s home cooked festival food. And I am so missing it now.


CNY Baby

I spent a lot of time playing with babies.


cny prayers 

I have done some prayers, for the good health and fortune, and happiness around.



Did some groceries shopping, bought some ingredients for Valentines chocolate making, some wines for family gatherings.



I have been sms-ing a lot throughout the entire week of holiday.



I went on a family trip to the very vibrant oriental city – Hatyai.


floating mkt

And have been to floating market for the first time in my life.



Last week of February, we had a little farewell day for dearie Amber.


A luncheon at Madam Kwan Pavillion, a girls’ night out at Bambo9 TTDI Plaza, called it another year. We shall look forward to meet again next year.



2nd March, happy birthday to dearie Cindy. xoxo.


First weekend of March, I was at Genting for a Hong Kong actor cum stand up comedian Wong Tze Wah’s talk show.

Special thanks to my brother who bought double tickets to both Bangkok and this talk show, ended up it benefits me :p


theme park hotel

Newly refurbished Theme Park Hotel, Genting Highland.

Finally it says bye bye to the former haunted ambience and being much much more cozy in it’s new look.


So yea… Basically this is how I spent my February till March. And I know, I shall continue keep this blog alive, I will. So stay tune :)


Love a Lot said...

welcome back babe!

aileng miao said...

haha! im back!

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