Hair Extension

For those who curious about hair extension, here you go.

xts 3

Check out my spendthrift act II why I had my hair extension done.

I have no idea if these wig are real human hair, and I just don’t want to know. But it feels so real, touching it sliding my fingers among these strands it feels like my previous long hair. No joke, it’s just so amazing.


xts 2

Frankly I wouldn’t like it if I have a long hair like this. It’s too layered, too fluffy at the top and too thin at the tip. But yea, the fluffy part is my real hair, I can’t help, whatever bad hair cut has already done and I just have to live with it.



Because the wig is just so after-rebonding and apparently my hair isn’t that smooth and silky. Everyday after hair wash I have had some hardwork to blow dry my hair (wig is so damn bloody difficult to be dried okie), followed by straightener to join the real and fake hair together, or simply use a curler to bring up a little bit wave at the bottom so it just wouldn’t look too awkward.


And if you are seeking for a place for hair extension, here you go.

La’ Belle Unisex Hair Salon

32A, Jln Metro Pudu 2,

Fraser Business Park, Off Jln Yew,

55100 KL.

Tel: 03 9221 7668


*yawn* Time to sleep, bai bai.


hEnRy said...

wah...after the hair extension
it seems not like you...wakaka

maybe not use to it yet...

aileng miao said...

actually i also dont really like it, but have to live with it till my original hair grow long enough lor :)

amber said...

but actually i reli think that ur original short hair ain't that bad..
no doubt it's not nice but it's better than aft hair extension..

aileng miao said...

hmm.. nvm lor.. anyway it wont be with me for long though :)

Patricia*Pat PAT said...

si fut han...just cut then extension again...

aileng miao said...

walanneh... the wig freaking expensive niiiiaaa

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