Spendthrift Act I

Welcome the new member of white room.

My impulsive purchase of Ipod Touch 32GB. Seriously, I have no idea why in the world do I need such huge capacity. 32GB would be sufficient enough for me to play music non stop 24x7 for one full month.


If there’s a white colour casing I will definitely grab it without second thought.

When I was holding the pink and white Paul Frank casing for Ipod Touch and just right before I proceed to the counter, guess what, this casing caught my sight.

The mirrored slim case!

It’s a casing! And it is a mirror!


Like seriously, it is a mirror okie.

Though Ipod Touch does work better as a mirror.

Therefore, now I am having an Ipod Touch, a casing, and a mirror too muahaha.


Spendthrift Act II

This is a tragic caused spendthrift act, please send your condolence before you start reading the story.


Story began with one fine day I went to this Shawn Cutler Saloon at Bangsar Telawi, obviously for a hair cut. I was just wanted to trim my hair a little, and shorten my bang a little so it wouldn’t keep irritating my eyes.

Next thing I know, the gorgeous top-to-toe saloon mirror reflects a strange girl, I thought I have never knew her. She has a hair style like a pair of heavy curtains hang on both side of her cheeks, all the way till chin. Right above her eyebrow there was another flow of curtain, but it’s a fringe curtain. On the entire head (except that two heavy curtains on the side), there were no single strand of hair which longer than three inches.


Can you imagine that curtain inspired hairstyle?

Don’t try, it was terrible, that’s all.


Thanks to Shawn Cutler, I actually went for hair extension, for the very first time in my life. Spent RM800 for elongation included colouring. Without Shawn Cutler I wouldn’t have had experience how does it feel like for having such amount of wigs braided on my hair.

hair extension

So I’m back as long hair. Ya I know it looks a bit weird, but no matter how skilful the hairstylist is, she just can’t help me to get rid of the terrible fringe bang and overly layered hair.

Moral of the story, money can really really save all the fuss, included your bad hair cut that merely drives you mad.

p.s: extension done by La Belle Saloon, just the row of shoplots behind Times Square.


Spendthrift Act III

Now this is sweet.


Half the world knew that I love lidako aka baby octopus so much so much so much.

The whole world knew that lidako is so the freaking pricey.


Today I went for a business partner’s place and I brought this back.

Believe it or not. I bought a carton of lidako, it’s 2kg!!

2kg of lidako all for myself can you believe it?


Really, I can have 2kg of lidako lidako lidako lidako.

Means I can sit in front of TV, nom-ing the entire carton of lidako, till the show ends. So heavenly omg.


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