a weekend

I can barely remember when was the last time I had Mc Dong Dong. Over the weekend I found out they actually had a new packaging, for already quite sometime.


My lan-impressed-ness seeing the new packaging, for the first time.

Fuyoh they show a whole potato on the French Fries box neh.”

Wow they have their recipe on the filet-o-fish box my god they are sharing their recipe??”



Being the very-me my the other half, he was impressed with the Big Mac which organized so neatly.


This picture means nothing I just impressed with myself for decorated the French Fries so gorgeously only by using pepper.

Isn’t it look yummier?



Or it looks better with the French Fries monster?


New packaging even comes with the cruel truth of nutrition facts which tells how much calories you’d just consumed.



Total damage of RM900+-




Hit Healy Mac’s, Changkat Bukit Bintang to satisfy my Kilkenny crave.

I) The encounter of the ravishing Ms. Kilkenny and the manly Guiness Stout.



II) The chemical bond generated by the love at the first sight. They embraced and intimated.


III) They make out, amidst the spark of flaming love.



IV) And exhausted in the end of the hot sweet encounter night.




This picture has nothing to do with the crappy story you just read..

Check out the creepy face at the bar.


♥ Victories of the day


amber said...

wt...ur hair.. became short again??
so wanna twist ur ears lohh..

ladies & gentlemen, pls welcome

*drums playing, clap hands*

Miss Spendthrift of 2010
Shopaholic Queen, Miss Ai Leng Voon

wonwon said...

she would tell u all those stuffs are essentials..

aileng miao said...

yeaa its all essentials nia. in stead of buying it one by one, i just get everything at once cuz i don shop as much d niaa

so damn long time nvr shop for clothes d... T__T

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