Chik Chaks of neko @ nightlife

White miao or black miao, fat miao or skinny miao, good miao or bad miao, even if miao in human form, all miaos are borned to be active at night time...

Active late miao recently so in love with this new spot, Mont Kiara Solaris aka SOHO. There's currently a few entertainment outlets there --- 3Kingdom, Garage, and RAW. everything is like all new there, nicely designed in comtemporary concept, not too pack... And I like chilling out in Garage with the stunning night scene of Genting and KL~ Romantic nya~~~

Jose Cuervo @ Garage (my ex client~ ^^*)

42Below @ Garage. Hmmm... Absolut much nicer :p

Tuborg Tower @ Dynasty of 3Kingdom. I dont really like this place though....


I like Bambo9 TTDI pretty much too. Just that my dearest the other half hardly go club. So what? We can still play ^^*

Tongues out for Bambo9

Bambo9 again~ ** Wantik - miao - Sharon **

Gotcha affair!! *okieokie I was just crapped, they both are crystal clear super ordinary friends*

Drunken miao duo


Mickey Mouses Gathering @ Bakerzin, The Garden. Endless girls' talk day.

*miao *amber *wantik *sindik *wonwon = jimui for life ^^*

Beautiful Lamp @ Bakerzin


Redbox Newway rockx too~ Place where you can sing, can eat, can drink, can game, can have you very own private space~

Im gonna win, Im gonna make you guys drink~

Lose... Must drink... *sob* (check out the evil hand holding the bottle cant wait to pour...)

The record... I have got all four toilet cards with me *hohohoho~*


Sunburst Media Opening @ Ritz Carlton Hotel Grand Ball Room. You know Im really wanted to shoot sooo many things there right..? But you know I just cant do it cuz its soooo paiseh snapping here and there while all the so-called celebrities who I know noone hanging around neh... *sigh* I seriously more interested than food and settings more than them :p

Finally I got to snap~ The beautiful pianist cum vocalist.

Never seen some one with tudung can sing like an angel...


Finally I've got our very very treasure Mickey Mouses group pic on my 24th birthday @ Alexis Great Eastern Mall.

Though we hardly meet. But we are unseperable, till death do us apart :)


Last week's Nokia Siemens Network F1 Party @ Uncle Chilli's PJ Hilton. Thank Eddie for the piczz :)

The buffet

Yummie bites!!

Not so good looking but very tasty local cuisines were served


I've been spending most of my weekends @ Decanter too Hartamas, which I honored it as my second home. Why leh...? Because it's nearby, because its cheap! (rm30 1 jug, buy 5 free 1 wor. Cheap de neh), Because its so secured even we just hangout there two girls, nothing's gonna happen in my second home~

Welfred, my top ranked playing kaki. I love him so muchie ^^*

Gotcha affair II!!


Miao's life aint perfect. Miao working at night too......

Berworking with my evil twinz.

chik-chak all time!!


Almost Lover

Almost Lover
by A Fine Frenzy

Your finger tips across my skin
the palm trees swaying in the wind;
You sang me spanish lullabys.
The sweetest silence in your eyes;
clever trick.

I never want to see you unhappy.
I thought you'd want the same for me.

Goodbye my almost lover.
goodbye my hopeless dream.
im trying not to think about you.
can't you just let me be.
So long my luckless romance.
my back is turned on you.
shouldn't known you'd bring me heartache.
Almost lovers always do

We walked along a crowded street.
You took my hand and danced with me.
and when you left you kissed my lips.
you told me you would never let forget these imagess.

I never want to see you unhappy.
I thought you'd want the same for me.

Goodbye my almost lover.
goodbye my hopeless dream.
im trying not to think about you.
can't you just let me be.
So long my luckless romance.
my back is turned on you.
shouldn't known you'd bring me heartache.
Almost lovers always do

I cannot go to the ocean
I Cannot drive the streets at night.
I cannot wakeup in the morning without you on my mind.
So you're gone and im haunted
& i bet you are just fine
did I make it that easy to walk right in & out of my life.

Goodbye my almost lover.
goodbye my hopeless dream.
im trying not to think about you.
can't you just let me be.
So long my luckless romance.
my back is turned on you.
shouldn't known you'd bring me heartache.
Almost lovers always do


Specially dedicate for Amber, as she said she likes this song :)

Miss Selfridge~

Evil wantik.... Because of her "Hey you must check out Miss Selfridge, they have sibeh nice clothes this season!!", I ter-spent again.

But Miss Selfridge is really really having nice collection! Luckily lotsa their clothes are running outa size 6. Luckily I can still resist from shopping but just checked out Miss Selfridge...

Creamy top RM93, Blackie Bubble Skirt RM93, and I lurve this Turqoise dress sooo muchie RM129, goes well with my fav Davidoff Cool Water Fragrance ^^* *Must thnx to FF Card, saved me 10% from the bill*

Bought this too~ RM50+ with 20% discount from SASA :) Cant stand my nails cracking as I need to keep it long for more more pretty manicures~~

And I've finally got my company stamp done too~ Instant one's really damn pricey in RM55 which is double from the normal price, but I like that it can be done in 15min, no fuss~

Im happie~~ ^^*

Evil workshop @ Damansara Uptown, Part II

My storie with the evil workshop @ Damansara Uptown hasnt over...
*Evil workshop Part I, click here*

The lock which changed by this stupid LBH Workshop unwillingly causing problem again!!!

I wokeup earlie this morning, wanna finish my JD tasks and to send invoice to Bumcity. I gotto go out to look for wifi as Streamyx is down these few days. As usual I manually unlock my car, put in the key and turned it to the left...

...Cannot open..?

So i took out and put in again, turned it to the right...

...Still cannot open....

Then I got frust. First thing came into my mind was, blardy hell evil workshop...

After a few stupid meaningless attempt to unlock my car, finally i gave up and called the evil workshop... And they remembered me once I mentioned my vehicle registration no...

"Your lock cannot be unlocked and Im in hurry, please send someone over immediately." I said.
"Oh nobody free here all our technicians are busy. If you are in hurry, you can just simply ask your friend to fetch you #$%$%^%#@# etcetc." As usual they tried to avoid troubles.
"No I must get my car unlock cuz my house keys, laptop are all inside my car and I really need them." I begged.
"Then you just simply look for a technician from any workshop nearby, they should be able to handle the problem, very easie only. Anyway if we were to send technician over we'll have to charge you too."
"WHAT??!! Isnt it still under warranty? It was only about a month time." I started angry.
"Aiyo lenglui... If everybody ask for warranty like you do, then we ma very busy? How can we warranty everything? Who noes it might be your own problem?"

Then ofcourse I have to cut short lotsa fighting craps. Conclusion, NO WARRANTY FOR MY LOCK, if they sending technician, charges are applied, and I have to wait untill anyone of them is available. WHY no warranty? Because they are not free for after sales service.

miao : Fine I will call for Proton emergency Breakdown Service and get them to check if the lock is not original proton lock, I'll ask for 100% refund on your lock.
workshop : Aiyo lenglui this is I cannot make decision ma. We promised to give original lock, doesnt mean it is ORIGINAL PROTON LOCK ma. Our lock wouldnt have any problem one.


Blardy hell...........

Proton sent me a technician who's quite pro. He gently repair all locks in my car. He said that the lock wasnt installed properly and something off the position thats why my key couldnt work.

Then I share with him about the evil storie ofcourse. Then he told me lotsa lotsa truth:-

1. Proton original lock for our dear 4-doors Waja cost less than RM700. Therefore my dear 2-doors Neo should have cost lower.
2. Proton original alarm included immobilizer, for Waja costs RM19x. Evil workshop quoted me Rm4xx for unknown brand.

OMG WTF!!!! This evil is a certified evil workshop. He help me to write a report to HQ as they are branding themselves as "Proton Authorised Workshop". For myself I gotto call up Proton i-Care for another complaint too. I dono how much they can help, but I really really wanna take the Proton logo outa their shop. They don deserve it!!

Fellow friends.... Please spread this stupid name around and stop any of your friend visit to this evil workshop (Check Out the Shop Details HERE). Ended up, I noticed that nomatter how terrible Proton's attitute is, rather to trust and conned by the genuine ones, than being conned by those unknown evil which come from no where......

Weight Gaining Session of Camwhore

I cant stand killing myself at home keep repeating nonsense, decided to go out.

Camwhore while waiting for him come and take me *wink wink*

Hmmm... I hope I can be more and more lady day by day....

We went to have very very late heavy dinner at D'Fortune, Menjalara. Never been there for quite sometime since I moved out.

The Melted Cheese and Chicken Sausage

The Spaghetti Bolognise

The Chicken Cordon Bleu. It has been onced my fav.

Grilled Chicken in Mushroom Sauce

My Grilled Salmon

Help............................... I gained weight again............

miao in Bangkok Trip - Day 4

4th day of Bangkok Trip, we finally accomplished our mission of being tourists ---> visit to tourist spots!!
The Grand Palace - Where The King Used to Stay

Shorts and sleeveless are prohibited. But they have clothes that we can lend for free. We all look damn cleaners with their clothes.

Buddha Sculpcutures

The Templers

The very very detailed carvings

The very refreshing huawers~

Guards here allowed to smile de neh

Yeah Yeah we are nolonger cleaners~~~ ^^v


Wat Pho - Templer of Reclining Buddha

The Reclining Buddha

Underneath his feet

Bowls. Throw in coins one by one can make your wishes come true :)

There is Reclining Neko there also


The very Thai-ish architecture

After everything. We started do funny things

And act cute!!


Thai Ice Tea during our BRUNCH. Trust me, their ice tea is realli realli diffrent from ours. I like the aroma.

Generous portion of prawns in the prawn cracker

Pork Rice (moo-rice)

Prawn Rice

Their Dim Sums are damn nice. It was so tasty untill we ter-finished it before I manage to take pic. So you know how tasty it is.......

Grilled Jagung

Fish Balls (pla-balls), Chicken Balls (ngau-balls), Pork Balls (moo-balls), etc etc

Ice Cream~ In fact hor, it doesnt taste really nice, my photography skill good only.

Si traw ber rei~

Chinatown is so like KL Ho Ching Yuen to mee.

Then we took bus to the National Stadium BTS Station and went back to our hotel


After a one hour full body Thai massage session, we went to check out their hawker food along Sukhrumvit Street where we stay.

Fish (pla) and Prawns

Prawn 80baht (RM8), Fish 60baht (RM6). Damn cheap aint it????

And we had Thai Dai-Chao too~ Presenting Squid and Omelette.

And also da bao-ed frilled prawn and fish, plus pork and chicken satay.


After dinner and shower, we went to tthe red light distrinct of Bangkok ---> Patpong Street. They have night market there, selling exactly the same things as our Petaling Street, using the same approach too. Ofcourse a must mention point is that they really have whole area of uncountable sex-related commercial here!!!

And ofcourse, its really too dangerous for girls to go there without guys.

Yea you'll be seeing alot alot people on the street holding price lists inviting you go upstair for Thai-Girl Show. Normally the pricing for drinks are around 100-200baht. And you get to watch some not pretty girls half nude with panties or even nude, doing incredible stunts using their p*ssy like blow candle, open beer bottle etc etc. Seriously, not nice at all, disguisting only.

Then after a few performance, there will be some giant size women come with a throat cutting bill. On top of the drinks charges, there is another 700baht of "Performance Charges" which they never mention earlier!!!

And if you felt cheated and refuse to pay, they will tend to threatened you, talking loud this and that. Very the gangster-like. So if you wanna see pwetty chicks, better to stay with those downstairs' pubs. They do really have pretty chicks with sexy outfits. Upstairs are all conning biz. Unless you realli like to see not-so-goodlooking chicks doing stunts with their p*ssy and u think its worth for almost RM100 :)

Yeah we've got conned too but luckily manage to escape. So... No Thai Girl Show.

Mc Dong Dong is the most reliable brand of the world still~

Bangkok's McCafe. Nice right?
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