The evil workshop in Uptown Damansara!!!

Today I met one of the ugliest humanbeing on the earth who I've ever seen. Not that he is having super ugly outlook but his heart is totally unhuman.

He cheated me!

This is the place he works. Its a socalled authorised Proton Service Workshop, located 2shops next to BROTHER PETER Uptown Damansara.

These are services they offer. But generally they do everything for your car.

They towed my car to their workshop aftr I lost both of my car keys in one week time (its a extraordinary blur case which I really donwanna mention anymore). So they told me that I MUST CHANGE A NEW SET OF ALARM in order to disable the current alarm. I checked forums, they said this supposed a very very common solution so I allowed them to do so...

Then they said, I MUST REPLACE A NEW SET OF LOCK because I donhave spare keys anymore.

"Why cant I just get a new set of duplication car key?" I asked.
"Lenglui, your car is really different. Very highly secured, it comes with x%@#& &o#$@ ^%@ (and ofcuz alot more technical language which I can never understand what the hack he was talking abt).... So we cant get duplication, MUST CHANGE MUST CHANGE"

Aiseh... This guy was really long gas, asked him how much roughly the price of the key lock but he dont know. I was pretty frust when he told me all craps which I cant understand but what I wanna know was only HOW MUCH.

Nvm lor. Communication broke down, nopoint continue the chicken and duck conversation. So I ask him to call me for the price once he has got the quotation.

I know I know, Sunday ma, accesories shops not open ma. Just call me before you fix it on.

Early morning, I wokeup but my soul still sleeping. This guy shocked me till I totally awake with the cut throat pricing RM680 for ONLY KEY LOCK SYSTEM. Alarm? Another RM2xx. Okie okie I understand the alarm pricing is standard, I have experience buying alarm. But the stupid key costs me RM680?!!! Crazee ah? That was my immediate respond.

"Lenglui YOUR CAR IS DIFFERENT, really really cannot duplicate keys geh. Must &#$^%@&#....... (cut off another 5min of technical craps)"

I felt so dizzy listening his crapss...

"Can you please stop repeating the same thing which I cant understand? I'll call you back in a short while."

And finally I know I should have to let him crap then I wont die with whole neck of blood.

I checked with Alex sama, he's an automotive wikipedia. As usual he provides very very good solutions, slow, patient, confident.

So within 5min time, I called back the evil guy, asked him to hold his move,

"Im bringing down my locksmith in half an hour time. He has experiences unlocking alot 2nd hand car which towed back by bankers cuz those funnie fellas purchased but cant afford to pay the installment."

Actually, I dont know such guy. The one Im talking about, told by Alex sama and I haven call him yet. I just wanna stop the workshop from touching my son at the first place. And definitely I wont able to reach there in half an hour time.

"Aiyo lenglui, now only you say mea? Last night I already told you that the lock most probably have to change and you said you want your car back asap, so even before I've got your lock set I have oledi dissected your car lor. Now har, I have oledi fixed part of the new lock set onto your car lor."

People, whatta you think about this line above....? Can you imagine his evil face with a big big butcher knife on his blardy hand?

"Walao eh it was just less than 10min ago you called me for the pricing and even before I agree with the installation then you telling me that you HAVE ALREADY FIXED?"

"Aiyo lenglui its on your request ma, you said you want your car to be fixed asap &%$%#@..... (cut off another 3min of repeated craps) So THE LOCK SET IS UNSEALED n ITS NON REFUNDABLE."

Ofcourse I have to cut off our arguement of atleast 10min... Result was, I lose.

I really dont understand why can I lose. I think I hardly stand people talking craps which I cant understand, and it was repeated and repeated and repeated and then, repeated.

I felt so being bulied. I felt so unacceptable, uforgivable, unconvinced.... Its just totally wrong wrong wrong!! But I cant able to fight back. Cuz he keep saying that once seal is opened its not returnable and not refundable. And I was agrued until I speechless, I just cant let him hold his act. And he dont even bother to do so.

"Dont talk crap to me, go ask your staff to hold their move, NOW!!" I said.

"Aiyo lenglui cannot oledi la its oledi fixed......"

"What?!! It was just 5min time!! Your staffs superman arh?!"


Soooo I decided to go spot check my car. And I saw it dissected there. They said the lock already fixed, now doing setting x%$#&*$ (another 5min technical craps). So it takes another 5hours time.

"What?! you people install the lock takes 5mins time and the configuration takes 5hours?!"

"Ahh lenglui its like that one, we cant help. This are all computerized. x%$#@# (technical craps again. It was so like flies flying around my ears.....)"

" Walaneh your computer so canggih hurh 5hours I can actually reformat my pc with all Microsoft application installed...."


8pm+ I reached back to the workshop....

"Aiyo lenglui ng tim orh YOUR CAR IS REALLY DIFFERENT the alarm we fixed in cannot be configured so you gotto take a better set which cost RM4xx...."

"What?! RM4xx you know how good the alarm can be arh? Many years ago RM4xx already can buy a very canggih 2-way alarm for Toyota already!"

"Aiyo lenglui its like this geh... $%#&%$#x@^ (Its okie.. I hate technical craps. They somemore one by one explained to me tried to make me understand...). So MUST GET A MORE EXPENSIVE ONE...."

I was totally fxcked up. And I've done something which I think very very little victory of mine thruout the whole incident.

"Now, take out all your alarm stuff, I'll get a set on my own."

"Aiyo nvm la I offer to you la I got another set slightly cheaper, RM3xx only."

"Take out I dont want. And I wont pay any single cent on your alarm related charge. Its too obvious you guys are conman!"

They darkened their face and did that for me. Thats why I steal steal happy for awhile.

But still, I lose. Aftr the stupid lock fixed and i still have to go out and look for a set of new alarm myself, I have faught to them for close to one hour, like an auntie so unwilling to pay. Nego nego and nego, and nego.

They charge me these below:-
Outside Service RM80 - I die die dont pay, told them RM80 for an half an hour service just to unlock my car and disable my alarm. This is about a legal consultation fees. "You guys are min degree grad lawyers?" I said.

Alarm RM2xx- They charged labour and the product. They fxcked up my car and asked for labour fees cuz they dissected my car sanfu-ly. Ofcuz no way!

Key Lock RM680 - This one I totally lose. They don even wanna discount any single cent for meee...

Towing Fees RM160 - It was initially dono how much more, I screwed them and said this charge can tow my car from genting to KL. Then they face black black and changed it....

Immobilizer Setting RM80 - Seriously I think this one they purposely wanna slaughter me. But I really no idea whats this all about. I have nopoint to argue with them. Totally lose....

My total bill was RM900 plus one alignment tuning for free. After long long nego and arguement. I was sooo scared though I was talking loud. Thank god WJ called me at the right time and it was really really calm me down. But also after talking to him, I just losing fighting spirit and just donwanna argue with them anymore... Pros and cons of his call ><>, its not only the matter of money if they slaughter them seeing them knowing nothing about cars, also for their safety. Coz I finally noticed that these blue colar fellas are really unhuman.

And for this evil-ish guy, I wont curse him. God will judge on his sins.


Anonymous said...

this is the time where a gal needs a bf...these ppl are bad, evil of course..
CONCLUSION :: you need a bf, URGENTLY =p

aileng miao said...

All girl needs a strong shield, but while we all expecting, we must be able to fulfill others expectations. I cant, thats why have no rights to expect too :)

Anonymous said...

nv think that u cant, just that u think too much most of the time...
u just need more courage to fall in it...

emily @ shinyshampoo said...


i'm sooooo speechless lo.... those people were so bad.....

luckily i dun hav a car... but considering to buy soon after i grad...

hey... dun be sad la.. learn from lesson... either u dun go to car garage alone or u get a bf. worse come to worse.. find a fren who works as a mechanic lo...

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