Nothing goes wrong

Something's wrong.

But I dono what it is.....

I have been taking cupmee myself in my room 3days in a row.
I have finished tasks of my day and I dono watta do now.
I feellike going out but dono where to go.
I feellike talking but I have nothing to talk about.
I have been walking down the street alone with my mind all blank.
I have the feelings like a big patch of my life went missing.
I have finally understood why alcoholics being alcoholics.
I have been telling myself its okie, just back to the my starting point and thats what life all about.

So, nothing goes wrong...
The very loving coffee and tea.


wantik said...

~nothing goes wrong...u will be ok...u just lack of ber-drinking session with me ^.^ ~

Anonymous said...

aiksigh...this evil wantik, encourage miao to drink again...
here the saddest blog comes again..
it's alright...it's alright..
u will be alright..
u will be fine...
i can't replace the one but i can be the other one..
to company you while i can..
my dear, cheers...

wantik said...

i m not that evil la..i think both us seriously need some drinking session..as we are going through the same feelings ma~~

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