Its aileng's Birthday~~

Ma birthday eve's chocolate cake. Ah Lok bought it at Sunway. I like i like~ The chocolate tastes soo rich :)""
The surprise planner and stoney buffday girl ^^*
Dono who suggested this wuliao strawberry eating game....
Let it snow let it snow let it snow~~~ (I wish. Mist fan only lah) Check out the balloon! They really decorated entire Roof Garden with balloons all around~~~
Carbonara beef bacon and mushroom @ Nero Vivo. Wonwon ffk for the dinner session (Hmp!) Carbonara at Little Italy Kitchen is still the best in town~~
Cod fish bla bla bla.... This is superb~ Must try must try~
Dessert time~ Warm Choc with White Choc Sauce. Yummy yummy. Must try must try~~
Total bill for this dinner for 3pax:: RM140 ^^*
Birthday cake No.2 @ Alexis Ampang. Poor little RT cake which merely abandoned at Nero Vivo.
Finally Mickey Mouses bergathered neeee~ I know this pic sooo blur. But its precious neee~~


wantik said...

aileng aileng...i want my bday to haf lotsa balloons too..can ma can ma? i kinda like WJ's idea of suprise party, hao wan hao wan!

Anonymous said...

yoyo..happy birthday miao..
ur life nv seems to be bored aft my leaving..
now i'm bek in town..
love is in the air~
1 more day to go b4 valentines day..
waiting for ur interesting story..hope tat u wil hav a sweet sweet valentine tis yr..

韋恩 said...

happy belated BiRthDay!!!
seems u have quite a number of bday cake... wish i can have that on my bday oso leh! Jealous neh!!!

aileng miao said...

way-ne:: i hv oni two la~ but al tsate nice nice. happie buffday to u too yea :)
wantik:: yeahyeah i oso wanna berplan for ur hao wan buffday~ hope ur buffday fast fast come. hope v can hv nice kaki by then to hv anothr hao wan kaki.. ^^*
amber:: my valentine wont hv anything special la.. unlike sum othr ppl... oledi hangfuk summore wanna call up n sai meng!!!

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