Story of a stupid miaoz

I am stupid miao who mistaken the fitting time of PSP Cosplay fitting schedule...

Aline sms-ed me ytday when I was busy emcee-ing for the Mine Chinese Acrobatic Performance ma. I just quickily gone thru the sms then have to get back to work. So I actuali overlooked 1pm to 12pm... Damn stupid.

Therefore, I am wuliao-ing here waiting for time to pass... Thank god theres an Old Town Kopitiam here with wifi coverage. Lagi thank god, that my dear Oo junior is with me now...

This is my mummy. She sure angry with me posting her photo here cuz she donlike to take pic as she found herself not photogenic *hehehe* This picture taken unwillingly when she visited me during my CNY emcee job at The Mines. She is super mummy ^^*


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