Tsuki's wings broken....

My ngiao has been going thru his very very tough time of his life.

Sometimes we might think our life is miserable but when I look at others who's bearing more more pressure and struggling even harder for life, I found Im still blessed compared alot others.

He just said, "Challenges are just to sharpen your skills so when your luck come, you'll be prepared to achieve higher."

Tsuki doesnt needs another tsuki to watch over. It shines itself with its halo.

Im taking out RM15k to pay back my study debts next month. Hmmmppp then I'll be super duper pooooooooor.......

A Playlist of Olivia Ong

A Girl Meets Bosa Nova :)


夏娃 said...

Dear aileng,
Life isn't a bed of roses.
Glad that you're clear with your direction.Just to drop by and say hi.Sorry on your such bad experience with that workshop,My friend was once there as well also experienced their worst service.Good day to you~btw I'm getting married this 8.8.2008,hope to see you.

aileng miao said...

Thats so sweet that u r marrying ur high schl bf!! And it somemore at the beijing olmpic date! Haha ofcuz.. I do looking forward ur "red bom" :)

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