I was bribed by my very own brother to cover/back up for him in the company when he was away to enjoy his Bangkok trip.

These Pocky Pockies are the bribe that he offered. All the way from Bangkok, the land of junk food.

p.s: Strongly recommending Pocky Chocolate Crush and Almond Crush

No joke, Thailand indeed not only a land of freedom, a city for fair price shopping spree, it is also a land of junkie, really.

Junk Food Koh Samui

Check out my part of my Lay's potato chips I've got from my Koh Samui trip beginning of this year. There're plenty options of Lay's which are not available in Malaysia, it's cheap, and yummie!



Finally baby has back from Manila~~ ♥

So much as "souvenirs" from Manila... More like an evil attempt of the boyfriend -.-"


yoon see said...

Wow! So colourful! Attractive! And tempting...
Who can resisit these!!!
Lucky aileng:)

aileng miao said...

shhhhh...... its bribe offerings ;p

Bangkok Hotels said...

Very Good idea that you posted on this blog...

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