Aftermath of Gossip Girl Fashion

Anyone who loves Gossip Girl are tend to love the apparels in the series even more.

I've never get bored with Blair Waldorf's over-polished but classic timeless upper east-stereotype.Serena Van Der Woodsen's effortless boho chic style is absolutely fabulous though. As much as I love plaid, Jenny Humphrey in season 2 has always been my eye candy too! And there're random appearance of bags and dresses and this and that and everything that I like. Aww.................. 

I am amazed for how many others are in search of it too and apparently I'm not the only stupid one's, thank god *relieved kaokao*

After watching the show, I went nuts looking for hair bands/headtie, from satin to bows to ruffles to pearls to rhinestone, from black to white to rose-pink gold etc etc. (One of the reason why I don't like about series, it's poisonous!)

New bling up members after my recent first and second attempt, all from diva, One Utama. Spent few bucks more to RM100 for three items, call me silly call me spendthrift...

Left to right:

Pale pink Wrap-Around with gold ornaments RM39

Gypsy Diamante Hairband RM33

Pearly Hairband RM19


But I'm still smugly while looking at my victories. I can't help.


Serena Hair 1One of my favourite bling-up in the series with Serena's signature never-perfect natural wave ♥

*wonder if I can emulate it with my newly bought Wrap-Around...*


yoon see said...

These hairbands are so pretty and fashionable.
I am glad you show it to us.
Look like you really fall in love with them, I am sure your collection will grow too!
My handbands collections are the old fashion type.
Guess, it's time for me to update!

Happy weekends Aileng:)
Are you going for some shopping?

Chia Chien Teng said...

I love Gossip Girl fashion too!

Hairbands = love. :)

aileng miao said...

im currently avoiding shopping spots neh... damn broke after all the local + foreign shopping spree >.<

yeaaa who doesnt love them :)

Tiffany Khoo said...

Oh geez. I think I'm the only girl who hasn't watched Gossip Girl.

aileng miao said...

oooo then start now! :p

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