Morning to noon in the shop.

Evening till night in those stalls.

Paper works during free times, keeping mind occupied with where why how what.


I can't believe that life can be so simple and routine.

And lifeless.


Yet I'm living well with it.




yoon see said...

That's why we need to have passion and hobbies.
We all hope work could be play at the same time...Ha..Ha..
By the way, your work seems very challenging!
I guess you must be seeing a lot of customers....
Are you in marketing line?

yoon see said...

However you can blog about it here!
I'm glad that you are living well with it!

EVo said...

but don't u think that simple ways have their own appeal? i enjoy it sometimes too y'know. sometimes. :)

what shop and what stalls u've been around leh?

Kelvin said...

life is sometimes too routine and it becomes boring...

aileng miao said...

oh I dint expect for replies as it's some random rambling. anywayz thanks for everything *hugz*

im currently working for my family, some f&b franchise thing, the business is small thats why each of us have to do everything from A-Z thats why is pretty tight up. and also when u are in anything family, its always a challenge to yield for what u want thats y its abit bored :p

now i felt weird to share about my work here in the comment field. maybe i shall blog about it :)

yoon see said...

Hi Aileng,

I would say it's good to start small.
You got to learn everything before the business can slowly expand.
Yeah, tight schedule....but that's give and take right!
Hope your business will grow big at the right timing! All the best Ai Leng!

I would prefer to have my own business rather than working for others.
Currently, I an working as a freelancer.
More to self-employ, I learn a lot...
I need to do marketing too in order to get new students!

jocelyncoco said...

memang sometimes will get frus or bored with the routine...but then there always hapiness and hangfukness around us when we living well with it ^-^b~*

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