High On Heels

Today have made a last minute decision to hit the Envie (pronounced as "on-vie", French for envy) Lounge Club, Changkat Bukit Bintang for second season fashion show of Rebellz.com, in collaboration with PLUSH boutique, Bangsar.

*click HERE for the debut fashion show of Rebellz*


Love the interior of Envie so much, so vintage, so sexy.


Bumped into some old <slash> new friends.

Josh the boss of Advertlets.



Evo the ultimate event hopper cum baby's ex-college mate.

And also my ex-housemate Lam Lihua, Kelly Lurther the MPE photographers, etc etc.


Theme of the event - Hollywood red carpet cum runways.



I was totally failed in capturing apparels and models as the fact is damn cruel that the models were posing for mostly bigass SLRs. There wasn't any room for poor compact-grapher, how pathetic.


Remedy of the night - cutie photographer strike a smile to me as my camera pointed to his direction :D

*** *** ***

My initial planned dress-of-the-night. A floral dress that I bought from Suan Lum Night Bazaar, Bangkok - a dress which I just fond of it for some reasons while no one else in the world does.


Due to some unfortunate reasons I've had to change my dressy plan to something casual. And I'm gonna tell you why...


Ladies and gentleman, babies and elephant, picture below may caused irritation.


A week plus ago I noticed some blisters on my both legs. Thinking that it was some insect bites or skin irritation, I have been ignoring this issue until these few days.

It has never cure but getting worse and worse - it has developed blisters and reddish, swollen, eventually became some open wound. Pain and itch almost killed me.


There's no way I can go out party with this pair of legs in dress, FML.


Finally seek for skin specialist's assistance today, doctor diagnosed it's due to dry and sensitive skin. I've given a DermaVeen lotion to maintain and restore moisturise, a cream for open wounds, as well as a scar gel (Scagel),

Cross fingers and pray for me - get well soon for dresses!


jocelyncoco said...

is the derma veen good??i always use mederma... it's good for scar!~*

yoon see said...

You always look great!
Poor Aileng, I hope your legs recover very soon.
I use Aloe Propolis gel, it heals super fast. It's the best skin healer! Tru it and you will know!
But it's a direct sale product. I have passed two to my friends that have the marks of chicken pops. The marks had almost gone after 2 months:)
You can be a member of Forever Living and start testing this product. Hope this Info is useful to you:)

EVo said...

Heyyy...!! 'baby's ex-college mate' is me..'the ultimate event hopper' is not me! hahaha. ur so cute aileng!

btw next monday 27th july 9pm, envy club, solaris, is having a sneak preview for bloggers before the soft launch on 29th. there'll b light food, drinks, a nintendo wii competition + goodie bags. i've got 20+blogger frens coming already. Do rsvp, if possible by today ok! =)

aileng miao said...

the dermaveen is a moisturizer for dry n sensitive skin. mederma i used before, quite good indeed, but hv to be reeali hardworking to apply everyday >.<

thnx for the advice, im trying the medicines given by doctor, hopefully i wont have to try any other medicine lor *fingers crossed*

another event!! how can u not to agree with ur "ultimate event hopper" title!

emily @ shinyshampoo said...

so kelian ur legs...

take good care of them neh.... if not wear dresses not nice edi... gambateh~

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