After-MIA miaoz

Its been sooooooo looong I have never update my bloggie. I miss you soooooo muchieee :hugz:

First and foremost must update the reason why I didnt update for so long. I have been staying in Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel, checked in since last Tuesday. It's a very very very nice 5star hotel perfectly located at city center which just further up than Equatorial Hotel.

Lets see some pics of where Im gonna stay until 20th of this month.

My bed, Charlotte's bed. My bag, Charlotte's bag. And yea, I wish I could lay at the rest chair beside the windows and online and read my book.... Sadly there's no wifi in room but only in lobby lounge :sigh:

The super spacious bathroom, with a transparent shower room.

Obviously Im not a fan of Red Earth, but complimentary shower set in Red Earth do really sounded exclusive :p

The bath tub. Open the wooden window and chitchat/watch TV while bathing, is what I've been doing. And Im enjoy doing it shamelessly with Charlottes's exsistance inside the room :p

Oh that means I've been sleeping beside the bath tub every night :)

Now comes to explain why Im staying here la.

Im working for a 17days event - Michelin Pilot Experience @ Sepang Circuit. This super tyre brand has prepared some formula formula sportcars or some GT cars or some Aston Martin cars bla bla bla which I have no idea whats this all about. They invited their business/media partner from all over the world, and so they have a chance to test drive all these cars.

Soooooo, I am here working in their hospitality team to take care of basically everything of their socalled VIPs lah. Then the event company has put us in this hotel to makesure we can all ontime to travel to Sepang every damn early mornings. I considered it as outstation - from Selangor to KL is considered outstation right....?

So every morning my team wokeup super early like 5am+ as Im insisted for my very nice hotel breakfast. About 7am we all will be at Sepang circuit and begin to arrange every needs and wants.

Yea when talk about Sepang circuit, it reminds everybody about the hot sun, which is the toughest part of the job lor.... I've got tanned atleast three tones darker, and there'll be another two weeks to go... :sob:

It's been a tough job which I dont think I will be able to carry on till the end with my fellow team mates here. They are really lovely and we all are like a family, just imagine almost every night after hard work, we'll be squeezing into somebody's room and have our lil party, having pillow talks, and cheeeeers with ice cream :)

Thanks Seb Seb our daddy for the wonderful Haagen Dazs' treat. :hoho:

Im really suffered body heatiness these days due to the very hot weather. Ended up bought this thinking that it might cure..... The Wong Long Kat is quite sweet, not really my type. And the sour plum is sooooo the sour and its really wakening while my eye lids dropped.

Kaokaoly retreated myself with milk bath after work. 2 packs of fresh milk from 7-11 mix with tub full of hot water, soak in for 20min, its gonna save my tanned/burnt skin. This is what Catherine from Shanghai with uber fair skin taught me. xoxo *Im gonna miss her*

Hmmmm nice........ Its gonna be nice if it has some reddish rosie petals floating on aint it?

Job is tough, and its even tougher while Im holding more than one job on hand as I need to take care of aneko, at the same time working for Kent at night. I am really drained thru the week. But Im decided to stay till the end, as we girls found some lil fun during work which really inspiring. :girlies' secret:

I know some people actually waiting for some chics' picz. Stay tune until I can get it from photographers. Here's one with cutie Yan :)

I've cut down my workload for the coming week. Hope that I could have more time to blog before my next off day ---- Monday lah. Bye bye~~


Love a Lot said...

MIAO MIAO.... I SO MISS U LER... So long never update... Hmm that sounds very princessy kind of treatment worrrr.... Isk isk... I want TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

miss u woh.....i also want go in test drive

aileng miao said...

penny: i miss u guys too.. Hopefully tis coming wk could have more chance 2online lo.. Yea milk bath really makes me feel so de princessy. Must try ^^

Eric: come lo if u manage to enter de gate :p

Anonymous said...

Where are the race queens?ooohhh...you are a race miao!

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