Bear In Bed

Was raining in the afternoon while I was working on my paperworks. A sudden heavy lighting strike reminds mee about bear bear that he's always got freaked out by lighting. Without more thought I started seek around for him...

"Bear bear where are youuuuu...??"


"Harloooooooo... bear bear~~"

Still respondless.

*worried* Oh God where's he where's he...??

*searched up and down*

Finally I found him lor - comfortably lying on my bed, sleeping. When I found him, he glanced at me with it's uber blinky shinny innocent black eyes. Awww he's so cutieee....

Wait wait... My bed??!! omgwtf not today not today. Mummy brought him to shop today and I havent get to shower him yet....

"Bear bear since when I allowed you to climb onto my bed?! Faster come down!!"

Bear : Yes mummy. I beg you pardon?
Miaoz : I said you get down from my bed! Now!

Bear : Why mummy why...? It's raining maaa... :teary eyes:
Miaoz : Because you havent shower yet!!

Bear : Okieee lorrr *reluctant, stretch*

Bear : Can I pose for you and you'll allow me to lay on your bed?
Miaoz : Want want! You dont move yea *faster go and grab camera*

Snap snap snap.
Snap snap.

Snap snap snap snap.
Snap snap snap snap.

Bear : *yawn* aiseh mummy how many shots you wanna take? I just wanna sleeeeeeep niaaaaa....
Miaoz : A few more shots lah ^^*
Bear : #$#%^&#@

And I had a cat and dog conversation today :)

Cute :p


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