Meet Bear Bear

Three more days to the end of Michelin.

I enjoyed this 17days which everything organized and planned. Even though the job is pretty tough, but life in autopilot seems to be great for me, that I would not need to think much about life, just follow the routine...

Now that it's gonna end soon, while feeling reluctant, I've got myself lost too. What am I suppose to do after this?

Coincidentally there were afew people asked me whats my direction of life or what will I do after MPE (Michelin Pilot Experience). And I found myself blank - I have basically nothing. Nothing to develop, nothing to look forward, nothing and nothing.

Anyway, meet my new family member - bear bear ^^*

Feisty lil bear bear.

Bear bear feeling strange towards meee T___T (gotto get chee wei to assist me on "how to take pic for animals LOL)


FireWire said...

play with it more, then it will not be camera shy anymore. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Bear Bear! ^^ How old is it now?

It will get used to your camera very soon, don't worry. Po more of its photos in future ya.

P/S: Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to meet you!

aileng miao said...

bear bear is stil very very baby, about a mnth old onii :)

i think bear bear is not cam shy, but overactive, cannot stay calm for de camera. so i need to get a fastest shutter speed camera to capture it's movement >.<

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