It's Merdeka Eve~~

Sooooo... miaoz' Merdeka celebration kick started at LONG BAR~~

A tasteful opening with charcoal mellowed Jack Daniel and fruity Shisha Ciggie SPA.

Okie I wasnt bar-hopping. I was at Long Bar supplying dancers, Should have to thank you to RT of pui-ing me spending my sienzzzz "incharging" time and made me "not a girl alone in a lounge" :)

After ensured everything is fine, we moved on to my favourite club in PJ.... Bambo9~~

Awww.... How long since my last visit to Bambo9, miss you sooo muchieeee :hugz:

We have all tried the SPA shisha ciggie.. It smells sweeeet when opened the pack but it tastes quite different. It tastes fruity fruity, yummieee.. Wondering if SPA has more flavors than the fruity one? Maybe Mint?

Look at the sinful Dewars, thats the killer of the night :wanna take the bottle and smash it into pieces:

RM50 of cover charge you'll get a bottle of sissy PINK beer.

The sinful couple with a funny sissy beer with it's name unknown.

Manage to pose properly before the first bottle finished ^^v

Can even posed in pair remained uber sober.

Towards the bottom of the first bottle....

And there comes when the second bottle popped up.....

And then dont ask me what happened, I really cant recall any. If you have seen some one looks alike with me being so drunken and extremely unladylike on that night. Please tell yourself it wasnt meeee.

Thung Pui I hate you!!!!! It was all your fault!!!!

Fly Kick


Anonymous said...

ohh..even vonvon & thong pui were there.. too sad, i wasn't there..

nv tot even thong pui & RT r such a great poser..kinda cute =P..
kawaii de neh~

Anonymous said...

After drinking, anything can happen!

Anonymous said...

omg..damn ugly the drunk face..

wantik said...

yoyo..don't hate thong pui..he just obeying ur rules of play big big..lai lai...3 seconds ~~ imagine if v turn toilet cards's 1 sip 2 sip 3 sip into 1 second 2 second and 3 second...big enuff right??? hhaha

aileng miao said...

wantik: u say so loud right? I'll make u de next target for de second game. U seemed never kena before ho?

Gepoh: ya all ugly things can happen...

Amber: yea nvm when u'r back v'll bring u along too n make u de target ^^

Wonwon: red face is gd, best protection against being targeted. Next time i put blusher kaokao n act drunk too

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