Today take care of guests from Japan, learnt lotsa lotsa Japanese words ^^v

Special buffet which catered for Japanese.

They have alot alot of cupmee instead of normal buffet stuff.

These looks yummie to meee lor...

Japanese dressing for DIY mummum and wet tissue for hygiene purposes.

Yea I know some people cant wait to see chics. So here you go~

Some of us who's from the hospitality team ^^*

And ofcourse there'r guy crew too!!
Introducing----- Kah Sing~~

Having fun at the pit stop :p

Oh ya... Must not forget to mention, my house keeper at Crowne Plaza is having quite a good sense of humour lor.......

The first attempt - neko basu with Shadieee.

The 2nd attempt - huawer and shadieee.


Love a Lot said...

Really good sense of humour of the housekeeper -.-"

Anonymous said...

kinda cute ma.. especially the mao ba si.. n the huawer, creative~

Anonymous said...

Ooo....which one is the silent killer?

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