Kampung Sweet Kampung

Another week passed but Im still very in MPE mode. And soon long holiday coming and Im now in super holiday mood. Oh god until when only I can get back as normal...? I need a bit of pressure I supposed.

I've been being very very hime(princess)-like in my kampung since I physically crawled out from MPE. Eat sleep and then hang out, doing abit of jobs with air head. I am technically a piece of trash.

Ohaiyo~ Bear bear wants to say hello to everybody =(^w^)=

Bear bear : Did I say so...? (still playing, unaware)

Showered bear bear today and he smells super nice now *satisfied*
I noticed that bear bear has grown up abiit, had put on abiit weight. Not so tiny as when he just came *ultra satisfied*
Bear bear has found his new hobby other than to play with wires - which is to play with my hair. I think he has treated my hair as the flurry stick toy lor... *still very satisfied*

Eventually I found that 100Yen Shop is one of the greatest and most contributing retail in our neighbourhood. They have e v e r y t h i n g i l i k e with super reasonable price. I heart 100Yen Shop :hugz:

From 100Yen Shop Uptown Damansara. I actually enjoy buying junk food than to eat it :p Anyway the bill was only RM20+ for so many items *satisfied again*

There's this Taiwanese Ice Cream Stall in 100Yen Shop of Uptown Damansara.

Xue-Hua-Bing. Snow Flakes Ice.

My green tea ice cream garnished with red bean. I like the very fine texture of its ice.

I had a pack of Sunday milky biscuits on Sunday~ (its Monday-Sunday in a pack of seven)

I know its abiit late but I've finally bought the first book in the very famous Shopaholic Series.

I started reading it when the whole world had finished the entire series. But Im quite sure that Im not gonna be a big fan of it after a few chapters.

Those who knows me known about my very intimate big Rabbit mirror. Happened that Kah Seng bought me a Rabbit light which is the same Rabbit I had ^^*

Thanks to Kah Seng~


Love a Lot said...

alamak, same with my bf's, which i bought to put in his car

aileng miao said...

alamak i have the very same rabbit with your bf :blush:

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