Mama Mia at Skopelos

omgomgomgomg I watched Mama Mia the movieeee and I saw................................

The nicest place on the earth!!

My eyes sparkled as I yelled within myself when the movie started "Santorini!!" Which is the white and blue that so the familiar to meeee.

But I can tell that it isnt exactly Santorini, it must another Greek island. (As if I've been to Santorini :p)

Went home and googled about Making Of Mama Mia, it was shot at this Skopelos, one of the Greek island in western Aegean Sea that slightly bigger and greener than Santorini. And yea... Beaches at Skopelos is definitely breathtaking lor..

(Check out the photo album of Skopelos HERE)

I like this movie for the shooting location :)


FireWire said...

i've been wanted to go to this place long ago, just let me win the lottery *dream*

aileng miao said...

dont dream dont dream. Start saving now~~ :)

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