Chik-Chaks of MPE #1

Finally I've got the full mastercopy of MPE event pictures. It is really aaaaaalot of pictures lor. I spent almost a week but yet to finish viewing all 14 DVDs...

Hmmm... I've decided to post up some of my favourite pictures randomly. I miss these outdated moments.

I was pretty serious with my job most of the time throughout the 17-days event, because everyday Im telling myself if I can keep the activity flow adhere to the preset schedule, thennnn I'll be able to finish work early~~~~~

Somehow we were quite enjoy working together :)

Because god knows how we can have so much things to laugh loud about, so much gossips to bitch about.

Gossip Girls vs Gepoh Guys

Bla bla bla... Bla Bla Bla... blablabla...



*Gepoh* What you girls bitching about jiek.....??

... Practically everybody who involved in this event are certified Gepohs ...

Working On The Track

Miaoz busy working at the pit stop.

Gear up. Reminder. "Dont speed har, must follow the safety car har, anything unexpected happen just full break har......."

One of the winner in my team ^^v

The reflection of Sepang Circuit Track. Can you see the audience seats?

*** *** ***

Everyday Go-Kart activity is one of the program I hate most. There's no proper shelter at the go kart track but only a canopy tent which really really damnnnnnnnnnnnn stuffy ultra heaty. Cloudy days always manage to give me a good mood to work.

Getting ready... Oh this white cover is the balaclava I mentioned here.

Set. GO!!

Watching *kan cheong*


Applause *claps*

Timing . Record *see I said Im serious nia*

Results . Announce *serious serious*

Another round of watching.

Trust me, you'll be seeing more and more MPEs in this blog......... Your patience of viewing it repeatedly is highly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

so, did u get to ride the Go-Kart?
it must b vy "ci gake"..

aileng miao said...

yea~ we go play when you back in msia la :)

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