Sekeping Serendah

I have been hiding and escaping since then. This time I'd even ran into jungle.

We had a very private retreat attempt in Sekeping Serendah, probably more famously known as the Serendah Glass House. Details click HERE.

Im too lazy to write. Let the photos tell stories :)

I reached at the evening due to work...

They already started to barbecue.

The barbecued fooooodz :yumz:

The BBQ people...

The successful chefs.

The drinking people.

A tour in Glass House

The hall.

And the hall too.

The all-messed-up kitchen.

Slanting stairs lead up to the bedhall.

Birthday Monkeys for Doggie King and Biscuits Can :)

Doggie King called for a midnight haunted swimming session. Surprisingly we ALL followed wth.

Ended up everybody exhausted.

Sleepy head.

KO-ed organizer who still owing 14 glasses up till NOW.

Some people still manage to clean up.

Love birds.


We rented two houses. I dono why I ended up overnight at the messy ones wth.

Anywayz I slept well :)

O hai yo~

Bedroomhall group pictures.

The organizer, fully recharged. I still remember the 14 glasses :)

Biscuit Can and his bluey pillow.

wonwon, Doggie King, Biscuits Can.

They are so in love wth.

Undoubtedly in love wtfffff.

So we wanna to be in love too.

Whoring at the second floor



Even more emo.

Random Shots

Welcome to the Glass House.

The adventures begin here~~~!!

Leng Leng and Cindy and huawersss.

The bridge, the only connection of us to the outside world.

Way Back

Bye bye to the glass house.


The green beside the entrance :refreshing:

Biscuit Can and wonwon.

The Ah Longs.

Bye Serendah~~~~


Veron Yap A.k.a VyRoxy said...

Oh my gosh... I work near by that place... Well, near by... as in... Did you notice that you actually passed by the junction to Rawang Memorial Park?? Turn left?? Go straight and that's the place I work... Tan Chong Group

aileng miao said...

ooooo then you are nearby to the very very nicey Thai "tai chao". We had it for lunch before we left!

yeeWen said...

gonna miss this..it brings me back to my camping age...i wan pics without ur watermark!!!

wantik said...

hmm....i wonder...the group pictures in bedroom or bedroom hall?? 4 of u squeeze in 1 king size bed orh ? :)

Veron Yap A.k.a VyRoxy said...

Where's the Thai "Tai Chao"?? I dunno... I find that place very out of the city and nothing much to eat. Each time we wanna go eat... We have to drive like...at least 3km... Pathetic...

Anonymous said...

Wah..this kind of place....sure got alot of mosquito? Am i rite?

aileng miao said...

wantik:: is basically a BEDHALL cuz there'r two queen size bed in the hall there. and two additional matress addded lor :)

vyroxy:: thats a residential rumah papan about couple hundreds metres away from the glass house exit (on ur left), towards the klang town direction. quite nicey leh. u should try it out one day. but make sure tats not a hot day :p

gepoh:: nolorr didnt get mosquito bite worr. maybe it was raining so mosquito cannot fly out?

aileng miao said...

vyroxy:: sorry is RAWANG town direction :p

Anonymous said...

No mosquito?? Its a miracle!!!

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