Mohawk Street Show

Spent my weekend with Mohawk Streetshow. An absolute street show as it's held on STREET.

Too much of torture for my pretty little whitey ribbon heels. And pity my poor toes. Heels are absolutely not for walking.

Mohawk Ambassadors from Team Street

Meet president of Team Street, John.

Being a president is never a easy job. This is one of the major task of Mr. president with throughout the show...


And ofcourse to look as good as his very famous son.

Working Time

Wantik very very busy looking while Patrick very very busy setting up.

Swee Sum also very very very busy.

Checking out all the Mohawk merchandise. We tried to put on everything to be as close as possible with the brand. Key Chain, Cap, Fan, CD Album, etc etc.

Of course not to miss out the Mohawk bag.

We cant stop taking picz with all these. Theme of the photo series was to reveal the uber happiness of getting a Mohawk merchandise, oh no is uber ultra happiness of having lotsa merchandise.

And then is time for free lighters~

Very very very excited of having Mohawk free lighters in various colors.

We giving out fans and flyers.

Meet The Crew

My day 1 partner - Mei Kuan.

Day 2 partner, wantik and her attempt to have Mohawk hair style.

This is Miaoz.

This is June, Ah Sou for car owner Team Street No.04 :)

And is John again... Busy with his very normal stuff :p

Camwhore Time


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