Life's a Drama

Life's a dramatic drama.

I've found one of the sweetest girl I know spreading evil shit about me. Ya I know she's definitely not the one who started the absolute idiot rumours but, she just shouldnt spread it. Maybe she didnt know Im that aileng, she might misunderstood that aileng is another aileng. There are ailengs everywhere down the street. You google with aileng there are lotsa lotsa ailengs from all over the world.

Its just happened that you are the one who so near with me.

Omg sometimes world is ridiculously small and ironically dramatic. I just wanna stay away from chaos and quietly peacefully do my own jobs. I wont wanna fight with you guys, I dont mind losing some. I just wanna have abiit of my pride, to stand high, work smart.

There was a few hours today I felt suffocate. I lost my joker expertise of putting on the big grin. Well welled welling......... Untill he called me. He drawn me a self defence and territorialize plan. I have a clear direction in this politic war. But Im feeling drained.

Im not a warrior.

*** *** ***

I had my dinner at 1 Utama.

Potty hotty Earl Grey Tea.

Onion Soup with Cheeeeese. Bruchestta Salmon.

Double Brownie with Ice Cream.

Opppsssss I'v left out Penne Carbonara!!

This place owned by a famous Malaysia flogger (food blogger) - Jackson who well-known among flog hoppers.

It is Pick n' Brew Cafe, 1 Utama branch.

I was a big fan of his blog while I worked in Shah Alam lor. A bit disappointed with the food but I'll be back for their coffeee/tea and cozy ambient. Amber Im waiting you to come back, Im sure you'll like this place :)

*** *** ***

Have you ever about a long long long long lounge inside One World Hotel? It's Long Bar @ One World Hotel.

Been there couple of times for business visit. Its a nice place but normally quite slow due to lack of publicity (I guess). Surprised it was pretty happening tonight during my first ever drinking session there.

The first impression when I first stepped-in was, "Wow its really loooonggg....." Click the image for large view, and check out the same room dimmed in different colors :)

And today I noticed the entire lounge dimmed with randomly changed color lights. If you are visiting Long Bar, do check out the bar tables - music grooves the lights and the lights dance with the beats.

A pitcher of Margarita Original. Romantically in purple.

I like this pitcher lor, look at this! It has the same thing as Beer Tower, a frozen ice tube in the middle to keep the drink chilled! In the mood of Lavender.

Robin the Bar Manager presented the very Indian-ish titbits. Groovy bluey hippy.

The ever together-gather.


Anonymous said...

yum yum..
wat a lil tiny cozy cafe.
yeah, u always know wat i love..muacks..
i'm so so looking forward to b bek n hang out wit u gals..
nv forget abt me when u hang ard,so touch (T__T)

Anonymous said...

feeling les? OMG.. wuahaha..

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