Mummy said as long as Im happie she'll give me full support of what I intend to do. Although she actually against the idea.
Daddy said Im too playful, always been taking life too lightly and I never look things at it's long term.
My elder brother said its a waste of youth and I'll ended up have nothing left.
My younger sister said wah its so nice I wanna do so.

I said i just felt that this is the right time doing this and I'll be able to figure out the solutions after this plan.

I know whatever you said all from love and its matter of facts. But I just cant get another way out than this plan.

What Im doing now might looks like a fancy picture of life with everything so happening gorgeous glamour and maybe easy and relax to lotsa outsiders' eyes. But I really want a perfect full stop, I dont wanna live as this for the rest of my life. When it's the time, I just wanna move on without more thoughts.

Secret escape plan in progress. Progression: 5% Result: Unknown


Anonymous said...

wat's ur secret escape plan?
a trip to Santorini hurh?
did i get it right? did i??

aileng miao said...

errr... I tell you when I reach 20% :)

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