It's Everybody's Birthday~

A backdated post of July :p

One day I was suddenly soooo craved to cakes, and I just cant stop thinking about cakes cakes cakes cakes cakes cakes untill cakes are fully occupied my mind.

Therefore I decided to get a cake.

Infact now only I figured out that ------ why didnt I go and get a slice of cake just for the sake to satisfy my sweet mouth?

I was dated my buddies out for a cake mummum session, because I cannot finish a cake on my own.

Okie Im an idiot.


I went to our all time favourite cake house, RT Pastry which located at SS15 Subang - same row as Public Bank and next to Cake Sense Bakery.

(pic taken from anonymous site from Google Image)

RT Pastry, the Japanese Pastry house which you can simply walk in and grab something and it will hypnotize you and makes you drool whenever you think about it.

We had our dinner at Momotalo Hartamas. myself alone reached Decanter earlier to keep my cake into their fridge. I might most probably to kill myself if the cake dies/losing freshness on my hand.

Something funny, all Decanter staffs thought that we are celebrating someone's birthday. When I asked blackskin (ayea he's Decanter staff) to keep my cake, he winked at me intelligently like "I must be having some sorta surprise plan and he will definitely keep this biggest secret on the earth for me".

Okie lo.......

Whatta do when they take the cake out to our table, everybody stared at our table, seek for the birthday star and hoped to give him/her a cherishly blessed happie buffday glance.

Okie lo........

So we decided to sing birthday song as if we are really celebrating birthday. And I seem to hear patrons beside our table sang along. Happie birthday to you~~ (have to clap hands somemore as it's part of the birthday cele ritual)

And then finally my cake is mine!! My cake and I were like a just married couple, we went thru all the rituals, traditions and blessed/looked by everybody then finally we are having our own time!!

My lovely Custard Cake dimmed in the darkness. It is one of the food you must eat before you die.

Since it has to be somebody's birthday while it was nobody's birthday, we made it EVERYBODY's BIRTHDAY~ We all made our wishes, then blew candles together gather~

And then we slaughter the cake, bite it, eat it, melt it on our toungue and lastly worship it's yumminess.

Taking pictures is part of birthday celebration too. So we did it.

miaoz and amber

wantik and Sharon

We were sooo happie :)

miaoz currently listening

I'm Yours
by Jason Mraz

I like peaceful melody :)


wantik said...

yoyo...dun mislead ppl la...its no one's bday...but but u actually so kind hearted..coz the bday boy next table got no bday cake...so v share ours them :) :) angel miaoz..

Anonymous said...

haha..yeah, its no one's bday..yet we r celebrating like its someone bday..
i like the process of celebration, but i love the make a wish session the most..
i miss it..when can we hav another no one's bday again?
the cake rated at 4 stars ****,slurp~

aileng miao said...

wantik :: yeawor i merely forgotten abt that!! i guess i mz somehow linked with tat guy tats y i suddenly felt so craved to cakes :p

amber :: u come bek la, v find more reasons to celebrate for life~~ n v can hv cake again~

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