The Same Chapter

Im suppose to blog but Im lazie. I felt totally drained after non-stop working/playing for few days, especially yesterday Kent's Soft Launch @ Maison.

I have to say that Im really seriously tooooo old for huge events. Plzz I just wanna stay peace and slumber with small small functions that away from clients' sights that sooo much like CCTV, stalking you every second when you walk, stand, smile, sigh etcetc.......

Blardy hell my arms are still freaking tired like after-workout-effect.

And ya, its PC Fair these few days. I was there Friday to take care of ambassadors supplied by aneko Management. Really cannot understand lor, PC Fair is like 4 times a year, at least 4 states round the island, what happened it can be soooooo the fcking pack each time of it?

Shall I compliment PIKOM the organizer for the constant good result OR to curse them of causing that massive jam in the city center.

I spent 15min time to travel down to town from PJ, 20min my car crawl from Renaissance Hotel to KL Convention Center. Fineeeee............................... But following was 1hour30min to find a parking space wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to confess that, I seriously do not like to have any deal with PC Fair.....

And yea... Streamyx was down in the pass few days and it's now finally back ^^v Thank god I can still online with my beloved n95. Hearted it~

There are lotsa lotsa more things of life I would like to share but for now, I gotto back with my very kesian novel which I've deserted it for few days~

miao's Highlight of life:

1. Pizza Uno in Subang Taipan is expanding! They are moving to the same row as KFC, which is a row back than the current shop. Effective from mid of August ya~

2. Been seeing a blue blue Shisha Cigarette at lotsa mamak stalls recently. I dont smoke lah, but it seems cutie that Shisha can be rolled up as a small small ciggie stick, and has a very dono-why name as SPA. Something good for Shisha lovers ^^* (what's a Shisha, click


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