Food You Do Not Have To Eat Before Die

I've mentioned that Empress Cafe @ Curve offered really really nice food HERE. But today I'v found the dark side of it...

This is the first food I ever order in Empress which both me and wantik sweared wouldnt order again. I cant remember what's the name of it, but the description of it is "spaghetti, clam and garlic".

Mark the description, and don't order it.

Now lemme tell you why.

1. According to the name (which until now I stil cannot recall), it suppose to be a pasta bathe in olive oil with fresh clams. But turned up with no scent/taste of olive oil at all, rather a westernized lala & wine in ginger soup.
2. Worst and most terrible, the clams are not fresh, abiit stenchy it tasted. Scare anot?

But anyway lah, Empress Im still loving you so muchie as you'd again and again saved my late night appetite.

Although the pasta aint good, this chocolate cake is awesome - milk choc, dark choc, white choc, layer by layer. Excellent for chocolate maniac :slurp:

All cakes in Empress are not meant to be photogenic, but each of it is unique that you might not easily get it elsewhere.

*Errr I dono why all picz of today are off focused.... It's the month of hungry ghosts...... (haunted sound effect)

This clam spaghetti reminded me the other not-so-nice food I had last week at Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood, Kepong Aman Puri.

I mean, not-so-nice, not sucks ya. That means its no harm to be eaten, it's just not-so-nice...

(L) Mamite Chicken, Crab in Butter Cream Sauce, Sizzling Hot Plate Tofu.
(R) Dried Salted Egg Crab, Shark Fin Soup, Mamite Chicken, Fried Man-tao.

A close up to the Crab in Butter Cream Sauce, looks damnnnnn yummmie thats why I ordered it. T_____T

I have to compliment a little bit credit to the ultra-value-for-price-portion of each dish. Quality of food.... Everything is just average, nothing much impressive than it's size of portion.

Now I know why the price so cheap :p


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