Seafood lala Chong @ Subang

Celebrating miaoz' independence day II~~~

Today we had a full meal of seafooooood in the house~

Venue of the day :
Seafood Lala Chong, Subang Airport Terminal 3

Let's see what's on our dining table tonight....

Ta~~ Da~~

Dish No.1 -----------> Thai Fried Tofu

Yummie smoothie homemade tofu in Thai Style Sauce. Appetizing *v*

Dish No.2 -----------> Lala in Wine & Ginger Soup (Siong Tong lala)

How can we not to order lala in Lala Chong? Erm actually I dont know if the name of the restaurant came from this dish, but this is really.truly.simply.delicious. Lurvee the rich taste of the gingery winey soup~~

Dish No.2 -----------> Dried Butter Prawn (lai yao har)

A sinful food with ultra high calories, but I just cant resist from the flaky crispy buttery dried butter...

Giant prawn underneath the dried butter.

Dish No.4 -----------> Steamed Fish (Ching jing "pak sou kung")

Sliggghhhtly overcooked, but still being nice with it's freshness.

Dish No.5 -----------> Salty Grilled Crabs

I would still prefer the grilled crab I had here before, this is abiit too salty to mee :p

Wantik also brought us a cutie chocolate from Italy.

The Happy Hippo Cocao. It's a hippo shaped waffle with various choco inside. I had the dark choc, Zi Jian took a white choc, and a twist of dark & white choc for Sharon :)

The Happie Hippos~

This is how a white choc Hippo looks like after a bite on it's backside :p

Sharon is being quite addictive towards Jinga game and we had another Jinga Night @ NZS Station One.

And tonight we are being more mild in punishments without Shyh Cherng the very famous evil...

First loser of the night - Zi Jian ^^v

The very short play of being crow....

Here comes the second loser of the night - Sharon

Sharon the rooster which crows without opening her mouth :wow:

Thrid loser of the night - PYY the damn bahlia frog

According to him, frogs in his kampung sounded this way, "kua pak pak" (19th second in the video) :sigh: I believe that he himself looks more like a froggie than he sounded as >.<

The final loser who everybody looking forward - miaoz (why meeee? T__T)
A 30second play of being in heavy downpour with an umbrella -.-"



Cageon said...

your 狂風暴雨 very de yeng!!!! wahahaha...i laugh until stomacheche & roll on da floor....

aileng miao said...

ma deeeeee.... didnt u see these fellas torturing mee? u still laugh at meee??!! not human T__T

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah..hao wan hao wan..absolutely hao hao wan~~

aileng miao said...

hao wan when u come bek i play wit u~ record ur ugly stuff n post it here :kekekekeke:

wantik said...

yyoh...now only i realise i m champion of that night...i didn't lose eh..no ugly video being recorded...yeah yeah yeah ~~~

aileng miao said...

nvm nia.. u hav ur beautiful elephant act at the previous post~

anyway KK oso nvr lose.. booooo...

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