Its wantik's buffday without wantik


It's wantik's buffday~~~~

Happie buffday day to you~
Happie buffday to wantik.......
Happie buffday to you~~~

Im waiting for your return to celebrate your buffday~ Let's play big big by then~ (^o^)*

Wishing you are having a coooolest yengest special-est 23rd buffday in UK. Hhmmmmppp I miss you soooo muchieeeee.... I hate Jam Jam of taken you away for sooo long~~~

By the way I've prepared some buffday pressie for you though u are not around. So please dont come back and ask for buffday gifts ya. Thats all you have for your 23rd buffday~~~

Taaaa~~ Daaaa~~

Surprise....? Like it....? :p

What The World Needs Now Is Love
by Stacey Kent


Everytime when I finish a book, I feel emptied as if I've lost a soul mate. I've decided to get a new book tomorrow (^^)*



Anonymous said...

let sing de song tgth gather....
Happy Bday to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....
Happy Happy Bday to wantik~~

miss u so so much..
stay pretty n healthy all de time ya.

aileng miao said...

yeah yeah~~
Happie bufday to u~~
Happie buffday to wantik~~
*clap hands, sing along*

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