miaoz · Marlboro, again

10 more days to go for Marlboro Torture Chamber...

24days of the project duration, I manage to finish a chicky novel, it trained my patience, and developed my creativity in Merchandising.

Everyday different presentation on the booth is OUR principle wtf...

Presenting our creative outcome~~

The Simplicity.

The Classic Elegant.

The Contemporary.

The Alternative.

The Crossover.

The Duet.

Feturing... ....

The miaoz multi ultra sienz face from time to time.

The fresh 9pm.

The SWT 10pm.

The very kesian 11pm.

The fcking dulanz 12am.

Ooooiii why the working time can never pass one??!!!


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Ya lo... working time is the most difficult time period to pass on this planet ne~ haha... But you look soooooo kawaii in each photos! haha

aileng miao said...

wat on earth can b more suffering than work........? *sigh*
LOL my world most kesian face failed to b kesian again? LOL

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