How am I lately

"How are you lately?" Because of this question, I wanna post about myself~

Too much of crappy writing posts recently... Sooooooo.....

Here's series of neko sama the very bimbo whore~
ps: vain picz contents, kindly disregard if irritations occured ^^*

miaoz in boredom and singleton

I need a vacation. Or maybe just some days off, just to recline on the couch doing nothing...

Regreted? Rather me to write than post picz leh... Photobucket


Anonymous said...

yo..u get ur french nailart done ohh?
or i saw it wrongly?
tai tai feel nailart u got indeed..

aileng miao said...

not french laa.. stil not long enuf. this is de one i did b4 u ciaoz laa. de huawer one.

not tat super richie til can do new nail everyweek looorrrrr..

oooii hows ur research of courses? did u reali work on it? :doubt:

Anonymous said...

hurh...u reli meant it seriously de oh? i tot u jus crapping..
if u were reli come here for a short courses, i'll try to search some..
i stil wonder, r u serious in tis?
if reli wanna take short course, then gonna study in city, otherwise, i cant think of any good uni or college at mackay wor..

aileng miao said...

erm den ur lao gonna hate me kaokao of taking his wifey away...

Im damn serious de laa.. but i can foresee lotsa difficulties too :p

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